Friday, September 30, 2011

So, I Really Think It's Time For Baby Knitting...

...because we're having a baby!

Ok, this is totally unplanned. We knew we wanted kids, but LATER, like when we're 30. But, these things happen, I guess, and what can you do but be thrilled? There is nothing more special than knowing I'm prego with my husband's baby. I'll admit, I was a bit devastated and I cried last night when I took the tests, but now I'm happy and excited. I was mainly worried that Charlie would be upset at how "the plan" was being pushed up by about 5 years, but he wasn't. Of course, this was a shock and surprise to us, but we're really happy. The LPN in him is coming out and I've already been briefed on what I can and cannot do :) Haven't been to the doc yet for the blood test, but I've taken 3 tests (all say prego), have been throwing up the past week, and have been sooooo fatigued. Oh, and I missed the littled friend this time around. Soooo, we think it's safe to say that the pets will have a new brother or sister (we're hoping for a brother!) around April or May of next year.

My parents are beyond excited (ok, my dad is excited about the baby, not so much on how the baby got here, lol) and Charlie's parents are too. My brother is so freaking happy he's going to be an uncle.

It's a little scary since I have no clue on what to do, but we have a great family of support and we have each other, so we'll be fine. It'll be an adventure, that's for sure!

Now, just gotta get on the baby knits. Good thing I've been queueing them forever since they're so cute and quick.

In other less exciting news, here's my latest FO, a simple hdc crochet hat in some of my handspun and some farm wool. Colors are much more muted in real life. Partner likes wearing hats.

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lunaticraft said...

OH MY GOODNESS CONGRATS!!!! =) That's awesome! Good luck through the pregnancy, and I'm sure that baby will be the best dressed in all your handknits!