Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's here!

My order came in yesterday! I was soooo exhausted, though, that I didn't open it until today. Above is the Hearthwarming Stockings kit. Will get started on them once I finish the granny square blanket and at least get a good start on the Chroma blanket.
The Chroma!!! I've been interested in this yarn since KP offered it, but I have little use for self-striping stuff (Noro and the like are gorgeous, but not practical for the knitting I do). I'm very excited to have a good use for this (check out some of blankets done in Chroma on Ravelry...). It's pretty soft and I love this colorway. Not girly, but doesn't strictly say boy either.
The US 2 and 3 24" circs I needed so badly.
Extra yarn for a stocking. Looking at it now, I may have over-purchased. Oh well... leftovers will be incorporated into soakers for little Knolly.
The Swish yarn for the Rhino Romper. Love it! I made a mistake, though, and must have accidentally deleted the CC for the project before purchasing... not in the box and not on the invoice. Oh well. I'm sure I have something complimentary in the stash anyway.

Today is Charlie and my's 6 month wedding anniversary. We spent it sleeping in waaaaayyyyy late and then going to eat Mexican (a challenge since I can't have that yummy unpasteurized queso). Now he's gaming and I'm about to start working on the granny square (ready to be finished so I can cast on for the Ten Stitch!).

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