Monday, October 17, 2011

More Baby Stuff...

I don't want to make this the baby blog, but Knolly is what's on my mind these days and has been on the receiving end of my knitting. This is the RHSS blanket wip. Just a simple granny square. Plan on going until the camo runs out, then I'll pick up with either dc or sc with a complimentary color (a "tweedy" tan).

Still waiting for the KP order (hopefully it'll get here by this weekend) so I can start the Chroma blanket. That's going to be soooo nice.

The biggest news of the day is our first doctor's appointment! We are waiting for Tricare to kick in on the 1st, so we were going in planning on paying out of pocket. Fortunately, our doctor is amazing and did this visit on the house. He got my history and, since I'm not high-risk for anything, he said we could wait until my Nov 11 appointment for all the labs and such. We did get to hear Knolly's heartbeat! It was really neat. It was so kind of the doc to let us wait until the next appointment for the expensive stuff. I'm so ready for that appointment... I'll be 16 weeks by then and we'll see a good ultrasound (maybe even be lucky enough to tell the gender!).

Also, we're going to Georgia for Thanksgiving!!! I'm soooo excited about this. I haven't seen my parents in over a year and my extended family for even longer. Thanksgiving was always a big deal in my family; it was the one time a year we all got together (I have a lot of aunts, uncles, and cousins, so it's always a lot of fun). We think this is going to be my paternal grandmother's last Thanksgiving, unfortunately, so the whole family is making sure to come to Georgia for it. We were a little worried over the cost of travel, but my parents said that they can cover our gas to and from so we're all set to go. I'll be 17 weeks prego then, so it'll be neat to see everyone and show off my belly :)

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lunaticraft said...

Love the camo. I've used red heart for afghans before, and it does soften up really nicely. The more times you wash it, the softer it'll get. There's one I have that I'll even use without a softer one underneath when I'm curled on the couch.

Good luck with all the appointments! I hope you get to see the little one soon!