Friday, November 11, 2011

Baby Arthur and a Beardhat

First pictures! We finally got to see our SON today!!! The ultrasound tech didn't get the best view of the goods, but she's confident it's a little boy. So, this is baby Arthur.

He was kicking and moving so much; it was the cutest thing!

This is a Christmas gift for my brother Arthur. He's going to love it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


14 weeks, 4 days! I finally feel like I'm actually starting to show some now. Not just look fat. I guess to strangers I probably do just look a little fat, but to people I know, it's getting noticeable I'm prego! Yay! Can't comfortably button my jeans anymore, so I'm having to use either a bellyband or the rubberband trick to keep them up.

We went for a quick check up at the doctor's today since I was concerned over some spotting this weekend. Everything looks good (apparently it's common and usually nothing to be alarmed about) and we got to hear the heartbeat again! It was so much louder, stronger, and higher than last time! At 12 weeks, it was really low in my pelvis. Today, it was about 2 inches below my bellybutton! Knolly has grown and moved up soooo much.

We still have our ultrasound and appointment on the 11th, a week and a half from now, and we're so hoping baby cooperates and shows us the goods! We're dying to know what we're having. We both still want a little boy, but we'd be just as thrilled with a little girl.

We chose names (did I already go through this? I don't think I've posted about names yet.). A boy will be Arthur Charles (Arthur is a family name on my side (and my brother's name, who I'm very close with) and Charlie is like the eighth generation Charles so we have to keep that going). Sounds very British, like he's going to invite you over for a spot of tea, but we like it anyway.

A girl will be Harper Reagan. Harper is my maiden name and one I love for a first name. Reagan is another favorite name of mine and is for the former President. My sister-in-law, who is going to start trying for a baby with her hubby after the new year, was a little bummed we chose Harper since she wanted to use it one day.