Friday, December 30, 2011

All Better

Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer about Christmas. Things did get better once we went to spend time with my inlaws; we had good food, good company, and just a good time visiting and exchanging gifts. I tend to dread things before they actually happen, then realize that it isn't as bad as I thought when it comes down to it. I was really worried about the gifts we got for everyone... we tried to get things we thought they'd like, but we weren't really able to go all out for anyone. However, they seemed to like everything well enough. We really came out good this year: a new 32" tv from my FIL and step-MIL (we had a 55" from Texas we never got to use since we traded it for Charlie's motorcycle right before we left and it got smashed in the drive to Michigan) and a bunch of really needed giftcards (Old Navy Maternity, here I come! I really need some big-belly clothes as you can tell from my 22 week pic!).

Above is a before and after on a pair of mitts I made myself. The yarn is my handspun. One ply is part of the giant bag of fall-colored mystery wool and the other ply is some wool mix I spun into a fine singles back in, oh, 2007. I really like the resulting fingering weight yarn and got about 330 yards total. I made the mitts in a day and made it up as I went along. I had tried a few other patterns, but none worked out for some reason or another. These mitts are long and roomy for holding in heat and so I can tuck my fingers into them if I need to.

We don't really have big New Year's plans, but that's fine with me. I'm more of a staying-in girl anyway. I've never done anything special to bring in the New Year (the last one was spent working at Walgreens on the overnight shift, for example) and I'm ok with keeping up that tradition. When I was living with my parents, my mom would always make a bunch of finger foods like pigs-in-the-blanket, some Korean goodies, etc. and we'd watch the ball drop on tv. This year Charlie and I are going to his dad's to hang out with his step-sister, Talia. She's going to cook nachos (yum!) and dessert and we'll just hang there. Sounds like a good plan to me. New Year's Day was supposed to be sort of a Christmas for Charlie and me together, but it's not looking like it's in the budget, so we'll likely just spend some time together at home. I'm perfectly happy with that; there's nothing better than spending time with the perfect man for me :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011


It just doesn't feel like Christmas. I thought this year it really would since I'm in snowy Michigan. Michigan likes to disappoint. It hasn't really snown much... at all. My first white Christmas isn't looking like it's going to be all that white. This state has disappointed me all around so far. I really miss Georgia and Texas.

Also, I just don't feel the holiday cheer this year. Maybe it's because we're hurting for money so bad and we can't find jobs (thanks again, Michigan!) and we aren't able to really give good gifts this year. We picked up a few small things for family, but it's not really the thoughtful type of gift... mainly just the kind like, "Here's a present. Merry Christmas." Gift-giving isn't really happening between Charlie and me. I go him a 10.00 set of Nerf guns and he got me a 2.00 self defense key chain. We already gave them to each other and we both really liked our gifts, but it's a far cry from last year's PS3, trip to Michigan from Georgia to visit, blueray movies, etc.

We are going to my father-in-law's house today to have dinner and maybe do gifts (that might wait for tomorrow, not sure). Tomorrow is my sister-in-law's and everyone will be there. I think it's also that this is my second Christmas in a row without my family. Charlie is my family, my most important family, and I'm happy to be spending our first Christmas as husband and wife together and in good health, but it's just hard to be away from everything that's familiar to me all the time. I hate the part of the country I'm living in and things are just not very festive for me right now.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I did some marathon spinning last night to get some little batches of fiber spun up. Above is 1 ounce of bamboo dyed by Dawning Dreams (received this in a swap). It's 2-ply, 46 yards, heavy fingering/sport weight.

38 yards Navajo-plied sport weight alpaca. Had the singles on a bobbin for about 6 years.

58 yards 2-ply fingering weight angora. This was terrible prepared and hell to spin. Soooo many second cuts. It was a gifted fiber so I guess I can't really complain, but I threw out the remaining 2.2 ounces or so I had left.

This is the one I love most and the one I have the least of. Only 15 yards, alpaca/silk blend, light fingering 2-ply. Gorgeous!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


We'll get the baby stuff outta the way before moving onto the FOs. This is my 21 week belly! I feel Arthur kicking all the time and we can even feel and see the kicks from the outside.

I have a few FOs to show you and a few other things OTN, which I will not show you since I haven't taken pics yet. Above is a pair of Happy Feet made from an ancient skein of Kraemer Yarns Mauch Chunky (used most of it) and some handspun leftovers (the Australian wool singles I spun in September). They aren't by any means beautiful, but they do keep my feet warm in this ridiculously cold Michigan weather.

Here's a baby hat for Arthur; it's the Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat. I used Knit Picks Stroll in Mermaid (I had a leftover skein from the Kissing Koi Mittens I made last year). I roughly half a skein and am using those leftovers to make a matching Scrappy Socky Stripey Cardi. These will be part of Arthur's going-home outfit!

My Mustard Scarf using the Australian wool singles. I really love this scarf! It's so warm and looks great under my jacket.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Sucking his thumb!!!
Profile view.
It's definitely a boy!!!
Looking at us.

All his measurements and organ development were normal and he weighs 9 ounces now!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Outta The Stash, Into Use

I'm newly motivated to get stuff out of the stash and am happy to have all that cotton already used up. Above is a bib for Arthur using the I-Love-Stockinette Baby Bib pattern (modified for my heavier weight yarn). LOVE LOVE LOVE this and will be making more using this pattern.

These are just some bath/beauty rounds I whipped up to use the leftovers from the bib. They'll be good for makeup removal, washing my face, etc, not to mention being reusable so I'm not constantly buying cotton rounds at the store.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Still Here

I'm still alive, just been busy/distracted with Thanksgiving (we went to Georgia to see my family and it was a great trip) and money woes (I knew Michigan's job market sucked, but, seriously?!). I have been crafting a little, though.

Above is about 92 yards of cotton I spun up yesterday night. I had spun some of this before, but set it aside for 3 years and finally got the itch to finish up what I had left. My Traddy isn't the ideal wheel for spinning cotton, but it really isn't too difficult and I love the slightly thick/thin and oh-so-soft outcome! Still not sure on what to do with this, but I'm thinking a bib or burp cloth would be nice. I know it has to be something usable since I love it so!

Progress on my Knit Picks Chroma ripple blanket. I love this project. It's quick, mindless, and, well, just look at it! I did lose the hook, so need to pick up another before I can work on this more.

I'm also working on the body of a February Lady Sweater, but no pics yet. I leave that project in the car for travel and waiting room knitting. It's going by quickly enough and is pretty simple.

Update belly shot. This was taken yesterday at 19 weeks. I'm showing so much more than just 2 weeks ago and baby Arthur kicks all day long now. We can even feel it from the outside with our hands! It's so sweet, but also distracting and sometimes really unpleasant feeling if he just lays against my belly, putting a weird pressure, or if he rolls around in there (kinda feels like my stomach is getting taken away). I better enjoy it now, though, since soon enough he'll be practicing real tae kwon do in there and I'll really be complaining then!

We have our anatomy scan on Tuesday and I'm really looking forward to seeing him again, bigger and more developed this time, as well as having a more in depth and longer look since they'll be looking for all kinds of things and measurements. We'll also get sure confirmation on gender... I really hope he's still a little boy since my family bought a ton of oh-so-cute baby boy clothes!!!