Saturday, December 3, 2011

Still Here

I'm still alive, just been busy/distracted with Thanksgiving (we went to Georgia to see my family and it was a great trip) and money woes (I knew Michigan's job market sucked, but, seriously?!). I have been crafting a little, though.

Above is about 92 yards of cotton I spun up yesterday night. I had spun some of this before, but set it aside for 3 years and finally got the itch to finish up what I had left. My Traddy isn't the ideal wheel for spinning cotton, but it really isn't too difficult and I love the slightly thick/thin and oh-so-soft outcome! Still not sure on what to do with this, but I'm thinking a bib or burp cloth would be nice. I know it has to be something usable since I love it so!

Progress on my Knit Picks Chroma ripple blanket. I love this project. It's quick, mindless, and, well, just look at it! I did lose the hook, so need to pick up another before I can work on this more.

I'm also working on the body of a February Lady Sweater, but no pics yet. I leave that project in the car for travel and waiting room knitting. It's going by quickly enough and is pretty simple.

Update belly shot. This was taken yesterday at 19 weeks. I'm showing so much more than just 2 weeks ago and baby Arthur kicks all day long now. We can even feel it from the outside with our hands! It's so sweet, but also distracting and sometimes really unpleasant feeling if he just lays against my belly, putting a weird pressure, or if he rolls around in there (kinda feels like my stomach is getting taken away). I better enjoy it now, though, since soon enough he'll be practicing real tae kwon do in there and I'll really be complaining then!

We have our anatomy scan on Tuesday and I'm really looking forward to seeing him again, bigger and more developed this time, as well as having a more in depth and longer look since they'll be looking for all kinds of things and measurements. We'll also get sure confirmation on gender... I really hope he's still a little boy since my family bought a ton of oh-so-cute baby boy clothes!!!

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