Thursday, January 19, 2012


This is the Frantic Mama Knitted Soaker pattern. It's probably the most precious thing I've ever knitted! It doesn't really look that cute in the picture, but I promise it's adorable in real life. The colors aren't as Christmasy either... the green is a mossy fern green and the red is more rusty/barn colored (Iron Ore is the colorway name to give you an idea). I was trying to use up odd balls of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes I had in stash (speaking of stash, it's seriously lacking in worsted weight wool, which seems odd to me... it's a staple, but I always think that I have a ton of it so never get more).

I made the small size since I plan on using disposable diapers in the newborn stage (they grow so quickly and it'll be easier to just through the diaper away for that first little bit anyway). It seems a little big, but I really have no clue how big babies really are, plus a cloth diaper will add bulk, so it'll probably be ok. I know it'll fit at some point anyway. If Arthur comes out a monster baby, this will just be used as a cute diaper cover for his disposables in the newborn stage. I plan on making more in this size as well as the larger ones so we'll have a good stash. So adorable and a really quick-knit, finished in a day (and that's without me really picking it up a whole lot).

Now I just can't wait to have a little baby butt to cover up with this! About 14 weeks to go!

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lunaticraft said...

Best thing about shopping/knitting for babies is just that... you know it'll fit at some point! Even if it is only for a week. The soaker is adorable and I hope the pregnancy is going well!