Monday, January 2, 2012

Belly, Knitting, and Resolutions

 Here's the 23 week belly. Arthur moves constantly and has started hiccuping, which is kinda cute in an annoying way. It feels funny.

This is my first FO of 2012. It's the Felicity hat knit in Malabrigo Silky Merino (Archangel colorway). Used almost an entire skein. I love this hat! It's warm and I like how it doesn't squish my hair too much.

Now on to the yearly resolutions list...

Knitting Resolutions:

I've decided to join in on the Stash Knit Down Rav group's 121212 challenge. Knit 12 things of 12 different categories. Here's what I picked:

*12 baby items for Arthur
*12 bobbins/batches of fiber from stash spun
*12 pairs of socks
*12 hats
*12 pairs of mitts
*12 projects from Raverly queue
*12 pet items
*12 items to be given as gifts
*12 home items (pillows, rugs, etc)
*12 kitchen/bath items (cloths, etc)
*12 projects from books/magazines/purchased patterns I already own
*12 wildcard projects

Now, I started back in December, so included a 13th category. I'm including fiber arts, woodburning, cross stitch (which I want to get back into this year), etc. And some will be used in multiple categories. I'm already off to a great start and have several projects finished in several categories. Oh, and the whole idea is to use stash for this stuff, which I am going to do, but I will likely be making yarn purchases this year (though not many unless we can figure out how to get some income generated sometime soon!) and am not going to be strict at all on the stash thing.

I'm not really making other resolutions this year. My only real one is to continue to be the best wife that I can to Charlie. I think I do a pretty good job of it, but there's always room for improvement. For one, I know that I'm too quick to judge/put my own opinion in there on certain topics that don't really require it. I also wanna try my hardest to be a good momma and to not let having a baby interfere with the relationship that Charlie and I have. I want for us to grow as a family, not make our lives about our baby. Does that make sense? I just know too many couples who devote their focus to the child and forget about the relationship that brought that child into the world. I know that I'll love Arthur in an entirely different way than I love Charlie, but I don't want to forget about what Charlie and I have together.

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lunaticraft said...

Love the hat. It's cute and casual and looks super comfy!

Glad to hear that both you and little Arthur are doing well, and I can't wait to see the results of the knitting resolutions! I wish I knit fast enough to do something like that. Right now I'm barely averaging 2 FO's a year! Good luck!