Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

2011 was supposed to be my year and it really was. I moved to Texas and married Charlie, the best person I could ever hope to be with. We enjoyed our time in San Antonio, but had to move to Michigan at the end of summer. The move was rough for me and I still hate this place, but it's temporary (we plan on moving to Georgia next year!!! Yay!!!). Charlie and I found out that we are expecting our little Arthur and, though it was a bit devastating at first, we are beyond happy about our little man. A pretty good year, I think.

2012 should be just as great... We celebrate our one year anniversary in April and should be welcoming baby Arthur into the world around that same time. We'll be moving, if things go as planned, in late summer/fall. Looking good so far.


Spinster Beth said...

Where in GA are you moving to ? I lived in Augusta for 5 years, in the 90s. I was stationed at Ft. Gordon.

lunaticraft said...

Good luck, and Happy New Year!!