Monday, January 23, 2012

Kicking Bag

I'm making decent progress on the kicking bag, especially considering it's on 2.75mm needles and heavy fingering/sport weight yarn. I've reached a point, though, that's kinda scary... see how much yarn I have left? I know it's still a good bit, but I'm worried it won't be enough to make this bag long enough. I've already decided that I won't be closing the bottom; leaving it open allows more wiggle room for sizing and it allows easier diaper changes. Still, I'm thinking it'll end up being too short to use at all. What to do? Do I frog it now before I've put even more work into it? Or do I just keep knitting and hope the whole time I have enough yarn, potentially ending up with an unusable item and wasted knitting time (so many other projects are calling my name, too)? I'm kinda thinking I'll just keep going and deal with the result... maybe I can find some other yarn to finish it with. But then it won't look nice and I really like how it looks with this yarn.

The worst part is that it's impossible to get more of this yarn. I got it by chance at a booth at Stitches South in 2009... the vendor wasn't anyone I'd ever heard of (didn't even have a real name, just a BUNCH of random yarn on a bunch of tables, piled high for us to dig through).


lunaticraft said...

I'd say keep at it... it's beautiful. And hey, maybe you will have enough yarn (fingers crossed for you!). And if not, I don't think it would look terrible if you finished it off with another yarn... maybe white at the end? So that the end of it will kind of be like trim? (Confession and full disclaimer: idea for that suggestion came from my purse, which is pink and patterny like that, but has a trimmed white leather base. I'm a purse junkie... sorry =/ haha). Or if your really worried, maybe frog and restart, but with a white band at the top for the ribbing part?

lunaticraft said...

*you're... sorry. You'd never know I have a BA in English, would you. Hahaha