Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My 'Vog On socks are complete and they fit! I really like them, even though the foot is a tad baggy because of the extraordinarily long heel flap (40 rows instead of my usual 30). It needs to be longer for anklets, but it's really unnecessary for taller socks like these (the pattern is for anklets).

In other knitting news, I frogged the February Lady Sweater. I just wasn't motivated enough toward it and wasn't liking it as much as I thought that I would, so figured I wouldn't waste the yarn on it. It feels good to not have it OTN.

I've picked back up on the crochet ripple baby blanket in KP Chroma. I'd forgotten how easy and relaxing it is. I knit way more than I crochet and really need to work on that. Crochet can produce some beautiful stuff and it's sooooo much more mindless (not to mention quicker) than knitting.

Now that I don't have a single knitting WIP needing my attention (I do have a ruffle scarf I started a year ago, but it's easy to pick back up on and I don't mind letting it sit longer), it's time to cast on for a few baby knits!

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lunaticraft said...

Beautiful! Love them! Also, I so agree on crochet... so much easier to do when your mind has to be on other things.