Friday, January 20, 2012

WIPs and Big News!

The current knitting WIP... Kicking Bag for Babies in Newton Country Softball, a 100% cotton fingering/sport weight yarn I picked up way back in 2009 (I think at Stitches South). I cast on 140 instead 128 because I anticipate this yarn shrinking a lot. I'll also knit it quite a bit longer than the pattern says. I'll be adding a drawstring at the top ribbing just in case it doesn't shrink enough.

Remember when I said I wanted to cross-stitch again this year? Well, I picked up a kit from Joann's with a Christmas giftcard and have been working on this. Still have a ways to go on it (border and flourishes), but the main part is done. It's going to be for my MIL for her birthday in May. She and my step-FIL, a preacher man, are very religious and this will go nicely in their home. I'll frame it for her before gifting it.

Now, for the big news... I'm officially a sergeant in the Guard! E-5 in less than 2 years of enlistment... not too bad. Granted, I did join 4 ranks higher than most due to my degree, but I'm still pretty proud of myself. I was told I may have been promoted back in August, but it wasn't confirmed until yesterday due to a lot of confusion regarding my transfer to Michigan (a very non-helpful state when it comes to the military). There's still a lot of work to do with transferring and all that, but it's at least started now and I know for sure I got promoted!!! You can call me Sergeant :)

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lunaticraft said...

Congratulations Sergeant! =D (Also, the cross stitch is stunning!)