Thursday, February 9, 2012


 Seems I've been turning to crochet more lately. I think I just needed something quick, easy, rhythmic, and mindless to work on. I only have one active knitting project on the needles (and one hibernating) while I have 3 active crochet projects. I actually quit being a bum and found some decent light to take pictures with and these do a great job of showing of actual color.

I also took the decent lighting opportunity to take new pictures of the baby rats we have right now for my rattery website. We have 2 litters, 14 babies total, and all but 3 are spoken for. I don't make good money raising animals, but I do break even with a little left over. I just had to show off this cutie girl...

Her name is Smarty Pants and she's staying with me :)


lunaticraft said...

Beautiful projects, and what a cutie!

Additionally, I dug through my stash - I do indeed have an extra skein of the Noro Kureyon Sock. It's a little squished from being at the bottom of the pile but otherwise untouched. Drop me an email if you want it, because I'm pretty confident I'll never get around to using it. I'd much rather see it used and loved. lunaticraft AT

(We do have a dog and two cats, but I'm going to take a long shot from what I see on here that there are no animal allergies to worry about ;D They've pretty much been in a sealed storage tub since I bought them anyway, but I figure a heads up is due just in case)

lunaticraft said...

*by "they've been in a storage tub" I of course mean my extra yarn. Not the animals. Hahaha whoops.