Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Tulips, Hexagons, and Problems

This is the start of the Twisted Tulip socks. The color is a little washed out by the flash, but is pretty close to real life.

More hexagons. I'm more than halfway through the first skein and it's surprising how quickly I'm using up this yarn. It kind of brings me to a dilemma... obviously, 2 skeins are not going to cut it for a blanket. My plan was to get more yarn slowly. However, the fact that Noro Kureyon Sock has apparently been discontinued in the US and that we have no money is kind of limiting that plan. I've found many people destashing on Rav, but the money is still an issue (most seem to be 15.00+shipping per skein). Should I set this aside after I finish my 2 skeins and wait until our situation is better for yarn purchases? Or should I just use up other fingering weight yarns to make it really scrappy? I really wanted to keep it pure Noro because I love the rustic texture and colors, but I also don't want to set this aside for 2 years and lose interest, potentially never picking it back up, ultimately wasting the Noro I have now. Would an ultra scrappy blanket look ok with these Noro hexagons mixed in? I'm sure it would look decent regardless, but I don't want to be regretful I didn't hold out either.These hexes are therapy to crochet; the perfect thing during breaks from larger more complicated knitting and I'd hate to give them up. Hmmm... maybe I can just make hexes with the scraps and decide later if they should be included in this blankie or used in another one.

On to the sad and stressful stuff...

Michigan economy sucks. I know the economy everywhere sucks, but Michigan (the Detroit metro area especially) really sucks. We've been here since September and have actively searched for jobs ever since. Charlie and I have both applied, several times, to all the different hospitals and clinics, Walmart, Home Depot, Michael's, Subway, restaurants, receptionist positions, daycares, car dealerships, Walgreens (Yes, I even went there. No, they aren't hiring), etc. EVERYWHERE we can find that's close enough to make the drive worth the pay (there were some minimum wage opportunities available, but it was an hour+ drive oneway... not worth the gas we'd spend). The results? We don't hear back at all or are told that we're over-qualified for the job or they take a look at my belly and all the interview is focused on is the pregnancy.

Ok, let's tackle the over-qualified part first. They claim that they want someone who plans on sticking around and they know that we'll leave soon because of other opportunities. Um, if I had other jobs wanting me, I wouldn't be here asking for a job! I have my bachelors and a lot of management experience in retail and pharmacy. I also have 7 years experience as a vet tech, am an EMT, in the military, and a medic. Charlie is in the military, is an LPN (nurse), a medic, and EMT, and has several years experience in IT management for a hospital, not to mention a background in other industires like food and security. I thought that these things were supposed to HELP people get jobs. All they've done is hurt us. The open positions in this area are for either the highly trained professional (doctors, lawyers, physical therapists, etc) or the general worker (experienced car mechanics, experienced maids, etc). No one wants the people with the experience and education that we have, even though we have a lot more than many.

Now for the prego part. I know that there are laws against it, but what can you do? I've been in for several interviews at different places... they call and are excited about my resume and all that, then I go in and I can literally see their face drop. Eyes are glued to the belly and the entire interview, if you can call it that, is focused on the pregnancy. When are you due? Any problems? Do you plan on breastfeeding? (Seriously, been asked that one a few times. Guess they are wanting to see how much time the baby will take from me.) Do you have a daycare lined up? Etc. Most things that are too personal to really be asking in a job interview. Don't get me wrong... I can totally see it from the employer's side; they are looking out for the best interest of their company and a pregnant new-hire is risky. I will have to take a maternity leave, which takes me from the job for at least 4-6 weeks if there's no problems. They take the risk of training someone and have them decide to be a stay-at-home mom after the baby is born. There are a lot of risks involved. However, c'mon people! I need a job. Even more desperately because I'm pregnant!  Please focus on me as an applicant and my qualifications for the job. Stop looking at me and my unborn child like we're liabilities.

We're still trying and looking for work, but it's getting very depressing. We're behind on bills and have relied heavily this past month on Charlie's mom and stepdad. It's really stressful and hard knowing deadlines are coming up and we just can't make it without help. We've already cut back on luxuries like eating out, going places (no unnecessary driving/spending at all), we cut off the cable tv and netflix, cancelled game subscriptions, etc. I placed some stash for sale/trade on Ravelry today. It breaks my heart to do it as it's really my main entertainment right now, but you gotta do what you gotta do I guess. I keep eyeing my spinning wheel but Charlie is absolutely against selling it, so much so that if I did we'd have a huge fight for sure.

Ok, enough of my pity party and cry session. I know this is all very depressing and slightly personal stuff to talk about, but this is my little space online and I just needed to vent.

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lunaticraft said...

You've got a good guy that he's protective of something you love that much (your spinning wheel). It's really terrible and unfair that employers refuse to see past little Arthur, and I totally understand how frustrating the "overqualified" thing is, because it's the same thing here. Nobody wants to hire someone with a masters to work retail. I wish I had more comforting words to share other than I really hope you guys are able to find something soon so that when Arthur comes you can really concentrate on enjoying him instead of stressing about finances. I will keep you guys in my thoughts.

As for the hexagons, I would set it aside, and pick it back up when you can. Noro is just so beautiful... In the meantime, I'll dig through my stash... If color is not an issue, I may or may not have a skein or two of this left over from my "I'm gonna knit socks" phase that never panned out. I would be more than happy to send them your way if I can find them. I'd rather see them used and loved than for them to sit in my stash unused forever. I'll look and keep you updated.