Monday, February 6, 2012

Please Pray/Wish/Send Vibes/Etc!

I called about a job tonight and it looks promising! I really don't want to get my hopes up, but this would be the perfect job for me. An organization that deals with helping people with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) is looking for a new director for their service/companion animal service. This person would work directly with injured people and service animals/groups to help in any way possible with training, matches, etc. I called about it and the man was very excited about my background with law enforcement k9 and training service dogs (I trained my father's mobility dog and have trained dogs for the deaf and general therapy dogs for nursing homes and hospitals), as well as my experience with TBI patients in the military. They have a client needing assistance with training a companion dog and I really think that I'd be able to help him out. He just needs help with housebreaking and general manners and it's to the point that he's having to consider getting rid of the dog because he just doesn't know what to do. I would love to do this and I think it would be a great match for me. The man is supposed to call me back tomorrow afternoon to set up an interview. Please think good thoughts, send prayers up, whatever you do as my family really needs this!

On to knitting...

The top picture shows color better, the bottom shows the pretty cables. The Twisted Tulip socks are coming along and, though every row has cables and I can't memorize the pattern, it's pretty quick and very rewarding. This is 1.5 repeats done so far.

My MIL is finding some yarn-related "work" for me to do at home to make a little extra money. This is 2 wire coat hangers held together and covered with acrylic yarn. It's kinda slow-going since the yarn has to be knotted the entire way around, but it's easy and rhythmic work. I've done 6 so far and have a bunch more hangers to do, so that's good. It's actually a really good idea... wire hangers can be too flimsy for heavy clothes and this makes them sturdier and non-slip. Also a way to use up some ancient acrylic stash. She is also having me wind all her yarn on my winder.

What I've done so far on the second skein of Noro. I love the colors! They change so drastically from one hexagon to the next... these were crocheted in order (the first on the bottom, the last on the top) and are so different!

My progress so far on the nursing cover (Mist Stole pattern, Knit Picks Stroll Tonals yarn). I like it well enough, but it's going to need serious blocking to look good. The colors are more subtle in real life... darn lighting and camera flash.

Finally, this is my latest belly shot, at 28 weeks. I can't believe how quickly it's going by... less than 12 weeks to go until our baby boy is due! He's moving around so much! Sometimes it's cute, sometimes it's annoying, but it's always nice to know he's ok and active. My SILs are planning my shower for April 7. That should be fun and it'll be nice getting some baby presents :)


CastratedBean said...

positive vibes, prayers, and hugs. Remember it can't rain all the time

(SugarMomma on Rav)

lunaticraft said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! For a possible job! I'll keep my fingers crossed. That sounds like it'll be the PERFECT job for you.