Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yet Another

I'm about through the second skein of Noro, so I started another hexagon blanket with other fingering weight scraps to get me through until I can get more of the Kureyon Sock for the first blanket. This time I'm joining as I go and I like how it's coming together. I'm using leftovers and single skeins. I was going to just do superwash, but I have a lot of non-superwash scraps I wanted to use, so this will be a handwash-only blanket.

I'm still trucking along on my other WIPs. I had project loyalty, but that's pretty much gone out the window! I am pretty good about devoting a large amount of time per project, then rotating them out, but I'm not making the huge progress on any one thing though.

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lunaticraft said...

Oooohh, joining as you go is such a good idea. I should try that sometime. Seeing it come together like that seems like it would be such good motivation. Also your noro will be on its way soon! (I got held up at work and the post office closed before I got there yesterday. I'll email you when it goes out.)