Thursday, March 29, 2012

Simple Stuff

I whipped up these two very simple cloths today. One in the very early morning hours (Charlie and I have the most messed up sleeping schedule ever... we usually wake up around 5pm and go to sleep at 7am... just kinda what happened over time with staying up late gaming/knitting/watching movies) and one this afternoon after I woke up. I had scraps of these yarns and was able to use them all up.

The red/white/blue is the Newton Country Softball cotton I used to make the kicking bag and the orange is Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton I used to make Gideon his mascot sweater last summer (when Charlie played on a social softball team). Both are so soft and will make nice face cloths or baby washcloths.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Twisted Tulips

I finished the Twisted Tulips socks! I had really been stalling on them and was sick of seeing them in my nightstand drawer as I reached past to grab a different project to work on. I finally decided yesterday that they would be FINISHED before I went to bed. I ended up knitting half a sock yesterday (I guess that's an upside to unemployment... plenty of time to finish socks).

I really like them and they fit perfectly. The yarn is Knit Picks Bare (merino/silk) that I dyed with Kool-Aid last summer.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Kaiser Hat and The Littlest Wedding Guest

This is my dad wearing a hat made from the Kaiser yarn! My mom made it for him as soon as she got it in the mail. The darker contrast yarn is some handspun wool from their neighbor. It looks great and I'm so glad that my dad loves it.

This is my newest FO, a tiny little Pembroke vest. The pattern starts at 6 months, but I wanted to make it for Arthur to wear to Uncle Randy's Cape Cod wedding in late May... he'll only be 3-4 weeks old then. I used sport weight yarn instead of the worsted the pattern called for and it came out exactly how I wanted it! I love this little vest... it's probably the cutest thing I've ever made! I used some stash Knit Picks Stroll Sport in Baltic Heather.

Friday, March 23, 2012


I finished the soaker today! I made the medium size this time and it seems huge! I thought the small also seemed pretty big. Gauge is good, so maybe I just don't realize how big a cloth-diapered bottom really is. Either way, I think it's pretty cute. The blue is Cascade 220 and the red is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, both scraps/leftovers/random skeins I am trying to use up.

This is the Knit Picks Essential/Stroll scrap scarf I started last week. Like I really needed another scrap project! I really love how it's coming out, though.

Monday, March 19, 2012


This is 52 yards of yarn spun from fur saved off my dad's service dog, Kaiser (sable German Shepherd). Kaiser's getting on up there in age and has recently gone blind due to injury (though is still working as a service dog for my dad... my dad was going to retire him after going blind, but he was depressed being left home all the time, so is happily back at work as a mobility helper dog for my dad). My mom will be using this to make something for my dad.

I have cast on for another sock yarn scrap project... a scarf crocheted lengthwise, using only Knit Picks Essential/Stroll and Felici fingering weight yarns. it's so soft and I really love how the colors are coming out. I'm leaving the ends loose as fringe.

I also cast on for another baby soaker using worsted scraps I have. I made the size small a little while back and it came out so cute. This time I'm making a medium. I know I'll need more than 2, but it's a start and I can make more once Arthur arrives and I see how dedicated we are to cloth diapering.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Sock one finished! Cast on immediately for the second one.

Nursing cover finished! I didn't use the entire 2 skeins, stopping when I felt it was big enough for a cover or use as a stroller/carseat blanket.

About to work on the heel of the Hermione socks.

Lots more joined!

New York Cardi in progress using Knit Picks CotLin (Whisker colorway). I hope this is finished in time for the wedding we are attending in May... we'll be spending several days in Cape Cod and this should be nice and light to wear while out and about.

33 weeks, 2 days. Picture is from when I was at drill (this weekend was my last drill until June!). Arthur has dropped lower in my belly and I'm having Braxton-Hicks contractions all the time, so he's getting ready to make his appearance into the world! I'm so ready... being pregnant isn't really bothering me too much, but I am so ready to meet our little boy.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FOs for Arthur

I finally finished the ripple blanket! I only started it way back in November... shameful since this is such an easy and quick thing to crochet. I just kept putting it down and never picking it back up again. I'm very pleased with how it came out and ended up using only 4 of the 6 balls of Knit Picks Chroma I had purchased for it. It measures about 25" x 30" and is the perfect size. I love it.

This is a little sun hat I made for him to wear when we go to a wedding in Massachusetts the end of May. I used Sugar n' Cream denim for it and like how it came out. It's the Baby Sun Hat pattern, heavily modified for fit. Partner seems to like it, lol.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


The scrap sock blanket is coming along nicely. Still have a long way to go (right now it's about cat-blanket sized), but it's a fun and mindless project. The hardest part is picking which color to do next and where to attach it.

I started a new sock. Shouldn't have until I finished up some other projects first, like the socks below, but I wanted a pair that didn't require having the pattern in front of me for. These are Hermione's Everyday Socks using Red Rock Dyeworks Aspen in the Koi Pond colorway. I got the yarn in a swap a few years ago and had been hoarding it ever since. I'm such a goldfish/koi fanatic and didn't want to "waste" the yarn. I really need to get over that... it's not doing any good hidden away in the stash cabinet! It's pooling, but I don't mind at all. Little miss Red legs wishes I was making her a cat hat instead of socks.

I'm almost through the foot on the first Twisted Tulips sock. I really love how it's coming out, but it's not something that I can just pick up and do a few rows here and there on. I have to use the chart for every row and, while it's not difficult, it is time-consuming (though the actual knitting seems to go quickly... it's just a matter of having enough time at once to get the magazine, find my place, knit, etc).

I've started piecing the Noro blanket together! Very slowly, though... I'm having to fight the desire to join them all right now, but I know that future colorways will be different and I don't want them too grouped in the FO. I am trying to be truly random in the color placement, though... the completed hexes are thrown into my drawer and are all mixed up. I'm grabbing them without looking and adding them. It's tempting to not place like colors together, but true randomness may have 3 red hexes all touching, ya know?

I'm almost through the first skein that lunaticraft sent me and here's the stack that I have so far. I make several a day and it's great for keeping beside the bed to work on when I get up and right before I go to sleep.

In other news, we got our tax return money back and it was a little more than expected, which is a blessing! We are all caught up and actually a little ahead on bills and it feels SO GOOD. Charlie was in charge of the finances, but I took over since he found it to be a pain and I hated not knowing what was going on (I'm one that checks the account at least once daily just to be sure that things are going through and all that... he's more the type that checks twice a month and assumes it's all ok the rest of the time). We're much happier about how we're handling things now and it's working out better since I'm a planner and know where the money is coming from/going a few weeks in advance. Anyway, our return was big enough that I was able to give us both a little allowance for spending however we wish. I know we probably ought to save every little penny, but we haven't treated ourselves is SO LONG it's something that we need. It's hard to not spend any money other than absolutely necessary without the occasional splurge. I'm giving Charlie a larger allowance than I'm giving myself because I feel bad for the boy (I'm such a softie when it comes to him and gladly give him part of my share). I know he really wants the Playstation Vita, but it's pretty high-dollar right now, so he's going to wait until fall and trade his PSP and games for one. I think he'll end up buying a new gun with his allowance. Me... I paid for a rat club membership that will really help my breeding program, made a tiny order from Knit Picks for some supplies I was lacking, and am carefully saving the rest for when I find something that I really want.