Monday, April 30, 2012


I want to start blogging more and being more involved in the online fiber community. I think I'm ok at posting fairly regularly, but I want to be better and have better posts. My goal is to post everyday, but that's probably a little unreasonable, so I'll just try my best.

Things are going well in the Knoll household. My mom is here visiting and it's been SO NICE having her around to help out. She's been cooking all sorts of yummy food, cleaning up a little, and taking care of Arthur. We don't have a guest bedroom or a second bed for her, so she's been sleeping on the couch, which is right by the crib. She wakes up when he cries at night and has him changed by the time I get up to feed him.

He had his 2 week old check up appointment last week and he gained 13 ounces in 9 days! I was so happy to find this out... breastfeeding is hard and the whole time I was worried that my little baby was starving. Guess he's not, lol! He's still a bit jaundiced, but he's eating and sleeping great and the doctor isn't worried.

He's changing so much each day. I wake up and think that's he looks so different, even though I had just seen him a few hours before! He's also acting so much more "grown up" and is awake a lot more, plays a lot by looking around and kicking and moving his arms. He also mumbles a lot now and seems to have lots of interesting things to say.

I'm making good progress on my knitting. The Oak Barrel socks are coming along nicely. It's a really simple pattern. I didn't realize that it's just a variation of the pattern for the Hermione socks... if I had read through the pattern beforehand, I probably wouldn't've cast on for these yet. I like how they are coming out (though the picture doesn't show much pattern... they need to be stretched out to see it), but it's a little boring knitting variations of the same sock twice in a row. The yarn, Knit One Crochet Too Crock-o-Dye, is really nice and I love this sandy colorway.

The Photosynthesis Shawl is really growing. It's a fun knit so far and is really quick. It was a good move to alternate the skeins to break up all that gray... it would've look pretty bad otherwise. I'm doing the 4th chart now and can't wait to see how it blocks out when I'm finished. The Araucania Ranco isn't the softest yarn, but I love it and have loved it since I first saw it (and purchased 3 skeins right then and there). I have 4 more skeins in the stash just waiting for the right projects... 2 that are a limey green and 2 that are a deep orangey color.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I cast on for the new socks yesterday night. I'm going with the Oak Barrel Socks pattern from the Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2011 magazine. I missed it on the shelf when it came out, but purchased the e- version a few weeks ago. Well worth the 7.00! The yarn is Knit One, Crochet Too Crock-o-Dye in a pretty tonal beige colorway.

This is The Gift (scarf) in Knit Picks Stroll Tonal (Queen Anne colorway). A very simple and satisfying hook. I'll probably gift this to someone for Christmas this year.

Photosynthesis Shawl in Araucania Ranco. I have two hanks of this yarn, but one has significantly more gray than the other, so I'm alternating the skeins every 2 rows. I'm knitting this to wear to Uncle Randy's wedding next month. My dress is sleeveless and I wanted something that could keep me warmer as well as double as a nursing cover. Pattern and yarn have been in the stash for quite some time and I'm happy to finally be knitting them.

Monday, April 23, 2012


I finished the Hermione socks yesterday! I'm so pleased with how they turned out... I love the pooling!

I had a goal of knitting 12 pairs of socks this year and I'm doing ok with it. It's the 4th month and I've knit 3 pairs. I'll cast on for a new pair either today or tomorrow. Maybe I'll do a pair of plain vanillas and whip them up before May... we'll see.

Another dishcloth. This one is Bark Sedge; it's a very nice textured stitch pattern.

My mom is flying in from Colorado tomorrow and will be staying til May 21st. It'll be nice to have her here to help out (and cook!), especially since Charlie has some training next month and will be away.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Things that used to matter don't, things that didn't matter do, and they're right what they say... you don't know until you're a parent yourself!

Charlie and I are so in love with baby Arthur it's ridiculous! He's a beautiful little guy and such a cuddlebug.

He had his first doctor appointment on the 16th and it went well enough. He did manage to pee all over the exam table (and his blanket and himself and his diaper bag...) when I changed him, lol. He was up from his discharge weight of 6lb 3.7oz to 6lb 5oz, so at least I know feeding is working! The doc said he's a bit jaundiced, which I knew, but since he's still eating and sleeping well we shouldn't be too concerned. I'm trying to give him daily time in a sunny window to combat it and it looks like he's a little less yellow each day.

We went on our first outing yesterday! It was short and sweet; we ran over to BabiesRUs to exchange something we got a duplicate of. He was a very good and sleepy baby and just sat in his stroller the whole time. Tomorrow we are going on a trip to Grandpa Knoll's house (my FIL) to visit and shop a little.

I haven't really done a whole lot of knitting since he's been born, only a few repeats of the Hermione's sock. Everyone says that they don't have time with a newborn, but that's not really true for us... I have time (he sleeps a lot), but it's desire that I lack. Between all the diaper changes, feedings, loving on him, checking on him, and normal house stuff like dishes, laundry, animals, etc, I just want to sit down, watch a little Netflix (courtesy of my very sweet brother, we now have Netflix again!), spend some time with Charlie... not really knitting. I do plan on picking it back up very soon as I do miss it a lot. It's just the initial starting it part that I'm having a hard time with.

Today is Charlie and my's first anniversary! Unfortunately, Charlie is 5 hours away doing some military stuff and won't be back until Sunday. Such is life in the Army. My mom is flying in from Colorado on Tuesday and will be staying a month, so we will have a chance to sneak off for a late anniversary date once she gets here and can watch Arthur.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Arthur Charles Knoll

Arthur Charles Knoll was born at 9:28 pm on April 11, 2012! He was a tiny 6lb 6oz and 20 inches long. He was 2-3 weeks early, which was a good thing! They said he would've been a c-section if he went the full 40 weeks (just too big for me to have). Also, Charlie is going away for training the 19-22 and I would've stressed the whole time about Arthur arriving when his daddy couldn't be here! 11 is my lucky number and he was sure to born on that day :)

My water broke on the 10th, but I was convinced it was just him on my bladder! There was no gush like the movies. Charlie made me call the doctor the morning of the 11th (I was having very mild menstrual-like cramps by then) and they had me stop by the hospital just in case. The triage nurses were completely sure that I was NOT in labor and kept saying things like, "Oh, when you come in to actually have him... blah blah blah." Boy were they surprised (and us!) when the midwife checked and said that my water did break, I was at 4cm dilated, and he would be born that day!

I was given Pitocin to speed things along since it'd been so long that my water broke and there was an increased infection risk. I was in no pain until then and was declared to be a "Rockstar" by the midwife. After the oxytocin... wow, the contractions hurt! I knew from the beginning of this pregnancy that I wanted an epidural (no rewards for going natural and if the end result is the same... painkillers, please!). After the epidural, I was pain-free and completely relaxed. The doctors and nurses said that it was the calmest birth they'd ever seen. I dilated to 10 cm very quickly and pushed maybe 15-20 minutes and there he was! It was a very emotional time when they put him on my chest... I couldn't help but cry. It was a mixture of disbelief that my baby was finally there (and that I'd actually HAD A BABY), joy at seeing my little man for the first time, hormones, etc.

Charlie was the best during the entire thing. He was so helpful and supportive. He is just as in love with little Arthur as I am. It's a competition sometimes over who can give him the most kisses!

 Aunt Alicia and Daddy.

One day old.

Going home! We left the hospital around 2pm or so on Friday, the 13th. He is so tiny that none of the newborn clothes I brought really fit and his hat definitely doesn't fit! Even the newborn diapers are a bit saggy, lol.

At home and after his first bath out of the hospital, picture taken on the 14th. He's so precious and a really easy baby. He hardly cries and always has reason if he does. Breastfeeding was challenging at first, but now we are doing great and he eats well. He's the sweetest thing I've ever seen and I'm a lucky momma to have him!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Shower and Nursery (lots of pics!)

The sweetest little baby bathrobe!

The shirt says, "My daddy wears combat boots." We also got one that says mommy. Precious!

This one is from Grandma Kelley... What she doesn't know is that Arthur is going to be an Atlanta Braves fan, lol.

Baby shoes are the cutest things ever.

We love camo and I love stuff on the butt of baby pants and onesies! So cute!

The loot.

How cute is that?!

Charlie and me. I love my husband and can't wait to see the great daddy he's going to be!

Changing table.

We are having to break Colt the cat from sleeping on the changing pad... he thinks it's his new bed! A spray bottle works wonders on keeping him away...

Lots of baby clothes!

My mom made the crib set! She's a great seamstress.

Name letters that I covered in acrylic stash yarn.

My sister-in-law painted this amazing mural for baby Arthur! I love it!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Chivalry Mitts in Knit Picks Stroll. I love stranded mitts... they go so quickly! Left hand has Charlie's initials, right hand has mine.

Almond Back Loop Cloth to be used as a burp cloth. I used a smaller hook than called for so the fabric would be a bit tighter. It's hard to see in the picture, but it's actually textured and not just straight hdc crochet.

Cottontail Dishtowel in Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton. Love how soft this is! It's hanging in the bathroom as a handtowel. So soft and pretty!