Sunday, April 15, 2012

Arthur Charles Knoll

Arthur Charles Knoll was born at 9:28 pm on April 11, 2012! He was a tiny 6lb 6oz and 20 inches long. He was 2-3 weeks early, which was a good thing! They said he would've been a c-section if he went the full 40 weeks (just too big for me to have). Also, Charlie is going away for training the 19-22 and I would've stressed the whole time about Arthur arriving when his daddy couldn't be here! 11 is my lucky number and he was sure to born on that day :)

My water broke on the 10th, but I was convinced it was just him on my bladder! There was no gush like the movies. Charlie made me call the doctor the morning of the 11th (I was having very mild menstrual-like cramps by then) and they had me stop by the hospital just in case. The triage nurses were completely sure that I was NOT in labor and kept saying things like, "Oh, when you come in to actually have him... blah blah blah." Boy were they surprised (and us!) when the midwife checked and said that my water did break, I was at 4cm dilated, and he would be born that day!

I was given Pitocin to speed things along since it'd been so long that my water broke and there was an increased infection risk. I was in no pain until then and was declared to be a "Rockstar" by the midwife. After the oxytocin... wow, the contractions hurt! I knew from the beginning of this pregnancy that I wanted an epidural (no rewards for going natural and if the end result is the same... painkillers, please!). After the epidural, I was pain-free and completely relaxed. The doctors and nurses said that it was the calmest birth they'd ever seen. I dilated to 10 cm very quickly and pushed maybe 15-20 minutes and there he was! It was a very emotional time when they put him on my chest... I couldn't help but cry. It was a mixture of disbelief that my baby was finally there (and that I'd actually HAD A BABY), joy at seeing my little man for the first time, hormones, etc.

Charlie was the best during the entire thing. He was so helpful and supportive. He is just as in love with little Arthur as I am. It's a competition sometimes over who can give him the most kisses!

 Aunt Alicia and Daddy.

One day old.

Going home! We left the hospital around 2pm or so on Friday, the 13th. He is so tiny that none of the newborn clothes I brought really fit and his hat definitely doesn't fit! Even the newborn diapers are a bit saggy, lol.

At home and after his first bath out of the hospital, picture taken on the 14th. He's so precious and a really easy baby. He hardly cries and always has reason if he does. Breastfeeding was challenging at first, but now we are doing great and he eats well. He's the sweetest thing I've ever seen and I'm a lucky momma to have him!

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lunaticraft said...

Oh my good gracious, he's adorable!! Congratulations!!! Glad the process was relatively easy for you, and that he's happy and healthy! =)