Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Shower and Nursery (lots of pics!)

The sweetest little baby bathrobe!

The shirt says, "My daddy wears combat boots." We also got one that says mommy. Precious!

This one is from Grandma Kelley... What she doesn't know is that Arthur is going to be an Atlanta Braves fan, lol.

Baby shoes are the cutest things ever.

We love camo and I love stuff on the butt of baby pants and onesies! So cute!

The loot.

How cute is that?!

Charlie and me. I love my husband and can't wait to see the great daddy he's going to be!

Changing table.

We are having to break Colt the cat from sleeping on the changing pad... he thinks it's his new bed! A spray bottle works wonders on keeping him away...

Lots of baby clothes!

My mom made the crib set! She's a great seamstress.

Name letters that I covered in acrylic stash yarn.

My sister-in-law painted this amazing mural for baby Arthur! I love it!

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lunaticraft said...

You look positively radiant! And what a fantastic nursery!