Monday, April 30, 2012


I want to start blogging more and being more involved in the online fiber community. I think I'm ok at posting fairly regularly, but I want to be better and have better posts. My goal is to post everyday, but that's probably a little unreasonable, so I'll just try my best.

Things are going well in the Knoll household. My mom is here visiting and it's been SO NICE having her around to help out. She's been cooking all sorts of yummy food, cleaning up a little, and taking care of Arthur. We don't have a guest bedroom or a second bed for her, so she's been sleeping on the couch, which is right by the crib. She wakes up when he cries at night and has him changed by the time I get up to feed him.

He had his 2 week old check up appointment last week and he gained 13 ounces in 9 days! I was so happy to find this out... breastfeeding is hard and the whole time I was worried that my little baby was starving. Guess he's not, lol! He's still a bit jaundiced, but he's eating and sleeping great and the doctor isn't worried.

He's changing so much each day. I wake up and think that's he looks so different, even though I had just seen him a few hours before! He's also acting so much more "grown up" and is awake a lot more, plays a lot by looking around and kicking and moving his arms. He also mumbles a lot now and seems to have lots of interesting things to say.

I'm making good progress on my knitting. The Oak Barrel socks are coming along nicely. It's a really simple pattern. I didn't realize that it's just a variation of the pattern for the Hermione socks... if I had read through the pattern beforehand, I probably wouldn't've cast on for these yet. I like how they are coming out (though the picture doesn't show much pattern... they need to be stretched out to see it), but it's a little boring knitting variations of the same sock twice in a row. The yarn, Knit One Crochet Too Crock-o-Dye, is really nice and I love this sandy colorway.

The Photosynthesis Shawl is really growing. It's a fun knit so far and is really quick. It was a good move to alternate the skeins to break up all that gray... it would've look pretty bad otherwise. I'm doing the 4th chart now and can't wait to see how it blocks out when I'm finished. The Araucania Ranco isn't the softest yarn, but I love it and have loved it since I first saw it (and purchased 3 skeins right then and there). I have 4 more skeins in the stash just waiting for the right projects... 2 that are a limey green and 2 that are a deep orangey color.

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lunaticraft said...

Good gracious, he's such a cutie!

Additionally, as far as I'm concerned you're one of the most regular posters on my blogroll. You do a heck of a better job than I do, that's for sure!