Sunday, April 1, 2012

FO, After 14 Months!

I started this Ruffledy Scarf last year, about 14 months ago, and finally finished it this morning! Yay! The yarn is Studio June Bamboo-La-La in Serenity, the skein I got as souvenir yarn on my first trip to Michigan back at Christmas 2010. I love the FO, but boy was it a tough knit! Simple pattern, but it's knit lengthwise... the final rows had 795 stitches!!! The yarn was really nice... gorgeous dye job and the yarn base is so soft and drapey.


Audry said...

Patterns with a large amount stitches to bind off are sure difficult to finish. That scarf sure looks lovely. I can see how well it drapes. It's a perfect yarn and pattern pairing.

lunaticraft said...

Lovely, and an even more lovely model! <3