Friday, April 20, 2012


Things that used to matter don't, things that didn't matter do, and they're right what they say... you don't know until you're a parent yourself!

Charlie and I are so in love with baby Arthur it's ridiculous! He's a beautiful little guy and such a cuddlebug.

He had his first doctor appointment on the 16th and it went well enough. He did manage to pee all over the exam table (and his blanket and himself and his diaper bag...) when I changed him, lol. He was up from his discharge weight of 6lb 3.7oz to 6lb 5oz, so at least I know feeding is working! The doc said he's a bit jaundiced, which I knew, but since he's still eating and sleeping well we shouldn't be too concerned. I'm trying to give him daily time in a sunny window to combat it and it looks like he's a little less yellow each day.

We went on our first outing yesterday! It was short and sweet; we ran over to BabiesRUs to exchange something we got a duplicate of. He was a very good and sleepy baby and just sat in his stroller the whole time. Tomorrow we are going on a trip to Grandpa Knoll's house (my FIL) to visit and shop a little.

I haven't really done a whole lot of knitting since he's been born, only a few repeats of the Hermione's sock. Everyone says that they don't have time with a newborn, but that's not really true for us... I have time (he sleeps a lot), but it's desire that I lack. Between all the diaper changes, feedings, loving on him, checking on him, and normal house stuff like dishes, laundry, animals, etc, I just want to sit down, watch a little Netflix (courtesy of my very sweet brother, we now have Netflix again!), spend some time with Charlie... not really knitting. I do plan on picking it back up very soon as I do miss it a lot. It's just the initial starting it part that I'm having a hard time with.

Today is Charlie and my's first anniversary! Unfortunately, Charlie is 5 hours away doing some military stuff and won't be back until Sunday. Such is life in the Army. My mom is flying in from Colorado on Tuesday and will be staying a month, so we will have a chance to sneak off for a late anniversary date once she gets here and can watch Arthur.


Andi said...

Yeah! Welcome Arthur to our wonderful world, you will be amazing.
That is ok mama that you don't feel like knitting, who would when you can cuddle with the little man instead. :)
Congrats to both you and Charlie.

lunaticraft said...

He sounds like such an easy going baby! =)