Sunday, May 6, 2012

Casting On

I've cast on for yet another project... OpArt, a really neat blanket, using my new Knit Picks Brava Sport. I've already made a mistake, but am not going back to fix it. The stripes should increase by 2 rounds every second repeat, but I didn't check the pattern first and jumped to 8 rounds per color after 1 repeat of 4-round stripes. Oops, I doubled the numbers, rather than added 2. Oh well. I started doing the pattern correctly after realizing my mistake.

The yarn is amazing! I am no real yarn snob, but have come to prefer natural fibers/blends, but this acrylic is top-notch and is now my go-to for when I need something soft, washable, durable, etc. It's very soft without squeakiness and I really love the colors it comes in.

Non-knitting news... Charlie and I have decided that, depending on job availability, we will be going active duty Army as soon as possible. There's some work to be done first (paperwork, etc) and there's no guarantee that it'll happen, but we're going to try. Charlie's current Reserve unit up here isn't that great and he wants to make the military his career, not to mention it would make our financial situation much better --- housing, medical insurance, and all that would be taken care of 100% and I would for sure be able to stay home with Arthur (daycare is something that we would like to avoid). We are really hoping that it works out for us, and sooner rather than later. Ideally, we'd like to be on our way to his first real duty station by this fall. The biggest downside is location; we have no idea where we'd end up. I really don't want to go overseas because taking the dogs and cats would be very expensive and we would be so far from family.

Remember when I wrote about Uncle Randy's wedding in Cape Cod? The plan was to leave the 22nd and the wedding is on the 25th. I got my dress, shoes, and Arthur's outfit (the Pembroke Vest I knitted while pregnant with him), but have decided that it's best that we don't go. It was a difficult decision since everyone is so excited about meeting him and I'd love to visit Cape Cod and Boston, but I really think that it'll be too much for an infant. We would be travelling by car and would stop by Albany, NY, first before heading down to Massachusetts. Arthur would be in his carseat for about 12 hours straight, only getting out of it to feed and for a quick diaper change. That's a lot of sitting for anyone, especially an infant in a diaper (I don't even want to think what it would do toward giving him diaper rash). Plus, we'd have to stop about every 2 hours for me to breastfeed... that will add quite a bit of time to the trip, not to mention be a pain to everyone else. Charlie isn't able to go due to military duty and it would be that much harder without him. Plus, this is a 4-day affair of a wedding with rehearsal dinners, the wedding, a long reception, a golf tournament, a clam bake, etc. I don't think that I would really be able to enjoy it with Arthur being so young... it would make for a very long 4 days for both of us. Charlie's family is going to be so disappointed because they are dying to meet my sweet babe, but I really have to think about him (and me) and feel that it's too much for us right now.

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lunaticraft said...

Ooooh, can't wait to see the finished Op Art. I actually wanted to knit one of these as a couch/lap blanket for myself a while ago but never really got around to it. Also, I'll have to try that yarn for my next big afghan project.

It's sad that you won't be able to make that wedding, but you and the baby come first! =)