Thursday, May 3, 2012

Eye of the Partridge (and a passed test)

Some Ravelers have asked me to post pictures and explain how I work Eye of the Partridge during a heel turn when I use the stitch on an entire sole and the toe. I was working the heel of my Oak Barrel socks so it was the perfect opportunity to get the pictures. I posted them on the KnitPicks Socks forum on Rav, but thought I'd put the pics on here as well.

This is using EotP on short rows. I work the pattern on the right side, then purl on the wrong side, fudging as needed. It's pretty straightforward once you start.

Completed heel turn.

The wrong side showing the slipped stitches.

Once the heel turn is complete and you start knitting in the round again, remember to knit every other row to make up for the purl rows. Again, some fudging will have to be done as stitches are increased/decreased. The toe is very similar.

In Arthur news, he had his make-up hearing test this morning and passed! His left ear had failed the hearing test twice before and he got referred to an audiologist. The previous tests were both in the hospital before we went home and the audiologist thinks that he still had fluid in his ear and it was skewing the test results. We are so relieved that he has normal hearing in both ears... we don't think deafness in one or even both ears is a major disability, but it's always good that everything is as it should be. I guess it's time that I stop whispering all my secrets in his left ear, lol.

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lunaticraft said...

I'm glad everything turned out alright with Arthur's hearing!