Saturday, May 26, 2012

FO and Baby Pics

The New York Cardi was completed in time for the trip to Cape Cod! I just love it. I decided to just pick up stitches for a garter border rather than knitting the lace panels and seaming them on.

We are in Cape Cod right now. The wedding was yesterday night and went well. Arthur was a little champ and slept the ENTIRE time and the loud music and everything didn't even phase him. No one could believe at how good of a baby he is. We really are lucky parents to have such a great little man. Here are pictures my sister-in-law took when she and my brother came to visit (Arthur was 1 week old):

(I really wanted this one to work out, but he didn't really appreciate being stuffed into a pocket!)

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Pumpkin said...

Such sweet photos! I love the cardigan, it looks fantastic on you!