Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Michigan Resident


I did it. I got a Michigan driver's license.

I really didn't want to, but my Georgia license expires on the 8th and it was a real pain gathering all the paperwork needed to prove that I am in Michigan for military reasons (Charlie's unit is here) and that my unit is still in Georgia. Not only do they need a ton of stuff from my commander (who is very difficult to get a hold of), but they also need a ton of documentation from me, including a written letter stating that I'm a legal US citizen. Um, doesn't my birth certificate take care of that? What does a letter that I write prove? Couldn't someone just, um, I don't know, lie? Anyway, too much trouble, so I went ahead and made myself a Michigan resident. Switching my car tag will come on Monday.

I'm a little bummed about it, but they let me keep my Georgia license, so it's like a little souvenir.

This is Arthur right before our walk today. I'm going to try to take him for a walk everyday that weather permits. Charlie has been running with Partner to practice for his upcoming PT test, my mom has been walking Barrett everyday she's been here, so I took Gideon on our walk today so he doesn't get left out. Charlie and Partner came along today as a cool down from their run.

It is so muggy today and really warmed up as the day got longer. We don't have AC in the house and the open windows really aren't cutting it! We're going to die this summer!

On the knitting front, I got the leg of the first Oak Barrel sock finished while waiting on my mom at the doctor today (she's had some back pain from a pinched nerve) and have started on the heel flap. Still working on that long 4th chart of the Photosynthesis Shawl; the rows are getting quite long now.

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