Tuesday, May 1, 2012


My shopping style goes one of two ways...

Style one would be in and out and done within 15 minutes. I buy clothes this way. I can find what I like quickly, try it on, then buy it. Charlie loves that I'm quick since he loathes shopping for clothes (or, shopping in general, really).

Style two would be going through the entire store, grabbing everything that I want, then slowly putting things back after considering the contents of my buggy. It's a very long process that usually involves me grabbing, then replacing, the same things several times. This is how I shop for craft things. Charlie knows not to go with me on trips to Michaels, JoAnns, and yarn stores. I prefer it that way; when he comes with me to those places, I feel stressed and rushed and that's just no way to craft shop.

Style two is how I shopped today.

My wonderful inlaws gave me a very generous gift card to Knit Picks for my upcoming birthday. Such a treat! Such a precious treat that requires much thought and consideration in how it's spent. I added and subtracted from my online cart for about 2 hours before finally placing my order. I know that I wanted to get some yarn for me as well as for Arthur, but it's so difficult for me to pick exactly what I want. Here's what I ended up with:

* 10 balls of Wool of the Andes (worsted weight wool) in Papaya (1100 yards) - The plan is to knit a Lila's Cardigan for me

* 4 balls of Wool of the Andes Tonal (worsted weight wool) in Golden Glow (880 yards) - Not sure what to use this for yet, but it's enough yardage for a sweater or several smaller projects

* 3 balls each of Brava Sport (sport weight acrylic) in Alfalfa and Rouge (1638 yards total) - I really just wanted to try out this relatively new yarn... I hear it's incredibly soft! I think I'll combine these two colors into either a small blanket, a pillow cover, or something else for the home.

* 2 balls each of Felici Sport (sport weight merino/nylon) in Dockside and Groovy (656 yards total) - The Dockside is for Arthur (I'm thinking some sort of lightweight sweater or cardi) and the Groovy is for me (not sure what pattern though).

* 2 balls of Comfy Worsted (worsted weight cotton/acrylic) in Hawk (218 yards) - This will probably become Owlet for Arthur.

* 2 balls of Stroll (fingering weight merino/nylon) in Green Tea Heather (462 yards) - Socks or a shawlette of some sort for me.

* 1 ball each of Comfy Sport (sport weight cotton/acrylic) in Ivory and Sea Foam (272 yards total) - I have a ball of each color in the stash already, so these 2 will be added to them to make things for Arthur.

* Cable connectors for my Harmony Interchangeable needle set.

* Size 9 Zephyr (acrylic) needle tips for my interchangeable set.

It took me forever, but I'm pleased with my final order. I'm getting yarn for me in larger quantities (something I'm trying to do now... more options when choosing projects that way), a variety of yarn for making things for Arthur, yarn that I haven't tried yet (Brava, Felici Sport, and Comfy), and some notions that I was lacking. I can't wait for it all to arrive!

What's a blog post these days without mentioning or showing off baby Arthur? Here he is a few days ago getting a bottle from his daddy. I waited a long time to offer a bottle since I was so scared of nipple confusion and plain laziness when it came to breastfeeding, but the doctor said that it really isn't a huge concern and that it's best to get him used to the occasional bottle now (her daughter was never offered one and all of a sudden she was 7 months old and refusing to do anything but nurse). I didn't want him to become completely dependent on me for food, so now Charlie feeds him once every other day or so. It's kind of nice for me to get a break and it's nice for Charlie to get the chance to do more to care for baby.

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lunaticraft said...

Those are exactly my shopping habits. Down to the last detail. Hahaha It seems like quite the lovely haul!