Thursday, May 10, 2012


My birthday was Tuesday and I can't say that it was the best one I've ever had. I ended up cutting the grass (but I actually enjoy this chore) and spending the rest of the day either at the doctor, at the hospital, or helping Charlie pack so that he could spend the 9th-24th away from home.

Arthur had a check-up and it went well. He gained a pound and a half in the 13 days since the appointment before, weighing in at 8lb 10oz! Everything else seemed normal, but I brought up his jaundice and the doc ordered a bilirubin test to see his level. We got it done, then went home without thinking much about it. The doc called that evening.

We had to take our poor babe to the hospital for another check. It was an emergency test and we were so worried! His bili level was 19.7... the 20s are permanent skin and liver damage and 30 is permanent brain damage. They said that they were probably going to admit him that night and he'd be hospitalized for 5-6 days. Talk about one scared momma! Thankfully, his level showed 18.3... still dangerously high, but ok to go home.

Wednesday I had to take Charlie to his unit so he could leave for Ft McCoy, Wisconsin. He'll be there until the 23rd or 24th (meaning that he'll be home in time for the wedding, which we are now most likely going to). It was sad for me to see him go, but sadder for him to leave his little boy. Later that day I had to take Arthur in for another test... the same at 18.3. Today's test was better, at 17.4

If tomorrow's test has him under 17 he won't have to be tested again until Monday. I'm really hoping that's the case... it means my boy is getting better and his poor little heels will get a break. It's so hard to see him scream when them stick him... he got stuck twice Tuesday and once daily since them. My poor little baby boy. Good thing, though, is that he is completely unaware of his little problem and is still my happy and hungry little man.

Anyway, not the happiest birthday ever, but I am grateful that Charlie's mission didn't start until the following day, that Arthur didn't have to be hospitalized, and that my mom is here to help out.

Knitting update... I'm one chart away from completing the Photosynthesis Shawl and I hope to have it off the needles tonight. I'll be picking up my New York Cardi after in hopes of having it ready to wear to the wedding.

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Pumpkin said...

What a busy life you have. I'm so glad to hear that the baby is doing alright, hopefully he will continue to improve. Hang in there and stay strong! And knit, knitting is good for you ; )