Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family Vacation

We made a last minute decision to join a friend on a camping trip to the "UP" (upper peninsula of Michigan) and took along Arthur (of couse) and Partner and Barrett.

"Um, Mommy, please don't take pictures of me on the way to camping."

"Yay! I'm so excited my puppy gets to go camping with me!"

The site was really nice and on the lake. There were tons of these little chipmunk guys everywhere... they were quite bold and would get within inches of us if they thought there was food around.

Partner loved being back in the woods (I've had him since he was a 4-week old pup and he's always, up til the last year or so, lived in the country with access to the woods) and Barrett didn't know what to think! She's such a city dog it's sad.

This is a constant-flow springfed well. The water is cold, crisp, and so clean. It reminded me of swimming in the springfed pools back in Georgia.

The bugs were horrific! We used a food cover net as a mosquito net for Arthur. It worked great! As always, he was the perfect baby on this trip. We thought that he'd be a burden, but it ended up that he was the easiest and the dogs were more troublesome!

We took one day to go to Mackinac Island, which was the main thing I wanted to do on this trip. Mackinac is a smallish island and no cars are allowed. The only way to get there is by ferry and the only transportation is by horseback or bicycle. We only got to stay about an hour and a half, but it was nice to see it and scope it out for our next trip (without dogs). We took Partner along and he enjoyed the ferry ride (pic above). Barrett didn't get to go because she's not as socialized and well-behaved.

Mackinac is famous for their fudge and it did not disappoint! The best was peanut butter (our favorite), though the chocolate peanut butter and rocky road were also very good.

Partner approved!


Eating a little lunch on the island.

Arthur had so much fun on Mackinac that he passed out on the way back. He didn't even stir at the loud ferry engines. I got a carrier and he happily rode around on my chest the entire trip.


steph said...

That is absolutely the most precious picture EVER of Arthur with the food cover over him!!!! How ingenious!!! Mackinac Island is on my forever-wish-list of places to visit.....and it's just not THAT far....you really make me want to make this happen!! Thanks for popping in to my blog, too!

lunaticraft said...

Oh that crazy eyed Lab look... I know it too well... haha

Arthur seems like SUCH an easy going baby! And it looks like the woods were just beautiful.