Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I'm going to start participating in WIP Wednesday and, if I can manage to knit a little more, FO Friday. Here's the progress on the baby dress/tunic I'm knitting for miss Hannah Louise, my niece who's still cooking for a while longer. It's a simple pattern, but boring. I changed the bottom to seed stitch (it was supposed to be garter stitch).

I'm also working on the sock yarn squares blanket, but won't show a picture since the square pretty much look exactly alike. It's a GREAT way to stash bust those sock yarn leftovers! I normally stress over how precious the yarn is, even the leftovers, and this has been a wonderful exercise in realizing that yarn is useless to me if it's languishing away behing a closed cabinet door. I've been using up the entire leftover balls for this blanket project... I feel kind of freed by it.

I plan on casting on for a Chiton Pullover soon, probably using Knit Picks Cotlin. I had started one of these last year using 3 strands of laceweight yarn together, but ended up letting the cats have it to sleep on because it was much too large and I was running out of yarn. It was a definite failure, but the pattern itself is very clear (though runs large) and enjoyable. Now that I know to go with a size smaller I think it'll be a success.

This is just a cute something I wanted to share. Erin, my younger SIL, bought Charlie and me a zombie family decal set for Christmas and I finally got around to putting it on the car yesterday! Charlie has been a HUGE zombie fanatic his whole life (not just since they've gotten popular in the past few years). I love how we have the family on here, minus 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 fish, 2 cavies (guinea pigs), and 8 rats (if we added all the critters it'd kind of detract from the family part, lol).

In other news, Charlie and I started the Insanity workout program yesterday night... Whoa! It is insane! I reached muscle failure and today my poor little out-or-shape self is definitely feeling it. I hate working out like that, but do like knowing that it's getting my body back. I will say, though, that if I complete this program and get fit again, I will have to do pregnancy yoga or something the next time I get pregant because there's no way I'm letting myself get that badly out of shape again. I gained 35 lb and have lost about 15 or 20 of it so far and am really not happy with my body right now. My shape is different and I'm carrying a fair amout of extra weight. Pretty depressing stuff so it's time to do something about it. From what I saw online, Insanity doesn't produce quick weight-loss, but really does change the body over a period of time. It's more about building muscle tone rather than just losing fat. We'll see how it goes.

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Pumpkin said...

Very pretty WIP you've got there. I'm also very excited to watch you make progress on your scrap blanket. I love the one I made, using up scraps is such a great feeling!