Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cloth Diapers

We decided to cloth diaper parttime when I was pregnant, but never got around to buying the stuff for it and ended up using disposables only. We quickly ran through the diapers we got at the shower and learned how expensive it is to diaper a baby! The cost had us thinking about cloth diapering once again and when my mother-in-law offered to get us started, I jumped on it! It was kind of on impulse... we were shopping at Meijer (a grocery store up here) and saw that they sell the Cutey Baby AIO system, as well as traditional prefold diapers. I ended up getting a 10-pack of prefolds and one cover.

After 15 minutes of researching ways to fold it and 20 minutes trying to actually fold it, I got it on, pinned, and was quite proud. Then he peed. Start it all over again!

I tried a few different folds out and I think the traditional angel fold is best for us. The Cutey Baby cover is quite cute, but seems to be a little tight for his legs (though it supposedly fits up to something like 30 lbs) and leaves red marks on his thighs. Thankfully, I'm a knitter and can make soakers!

The one in the picture above was knitted while I was still pregnant. It's just Knit Picks WotA scraps. It fits well and I like it. The one wouldn't be enough, of course, so I started on a few crocheted ones...

These are made with Malabrigo scraps and are so soft and cute! They fit him really well right now (size small, Adirondack Babie Crocheted Soaker). I have another one on the hook in KP City Tweed heavy worsted. These are quick and really easy. I really want to make a KP order for some of their new Preciosa yarn, which is apparently a lot like Malabrigo. I love the colorways and think that they'd work up into really cute soakers.

Lanolizing was really simple. I used these directions and let them soak for about 15 minutes or so, then put them in for a quick spin in the washer. They were completely dried by the next morning.

We are still using disposables at night and when we go out, but are loving the cloth for home. He's at the age now that he's mostly peeing all day, so washing them isn't as bad as it seems like it would be. I think this is a good age to start using cloth... I can't imagine the amount of laundry we'd be doing with a newborn!

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Pumpkin said...

My parents used cloth diapers on me and my siblings and loved them! I think that even with the frustration of having to wash them, that they are a good investment. Oh course crocheting a little soaker is pretty much the best idea ever, your little guy will look so stylish and perhaps gain an appreciation for fine yarns ; )