Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spinning Again

I used to spin all the time, but haven't done much since moving to Michigan last fall (can you believe that we'll be here a year at the end of August? Far too long, if you ask me!). I think I've spun maybe 8 ounces in the past year, which is pretty sad. Arthur fell asleep for a nap yesterday evening and I took the opportunity to get the wheel out to play.

It took me several hours, way long that it should have, to spin this 2 ounce batch of natural wool (not sure of breed/blend as it was a gift from my parent's neighbor in Colorado and was simply labelled 'Gray Brown Wool'). Of course, Arthur woke up as soon as I brought the wheel into the living room and wanted to be entertained for a bit, then would doze off, wake, play, repeat.

This was my first real attempt at woolen spinning. I was taught worsted (though at the time didn't know the difference, all I knew was that I was spinning!) and have always stuck to that method, but I wanted to try something different and end up with a yarn that behaved and felt differently. I love how lofty and light this yarn ended up being! I was able to get more yardage than normal for 2 ounces because of spinning woolen and trapping the air so well (worsted spinning doesn't trap as much air). This skein is around 150 yards, dk weight.

It's not the softest yarn in the slightest, but I love rough and rustic yarns as much as I love the soft and fluffy stuff. This skein will be tucked away for now, to wait for the right project.

I have 2 ounces of white Targhee, 2 ounces of white Corriedale (I believe, will have to check the label), a few pounds of a dyed wool blend, and maybe 12 ounces or so of natural brown/gray Romney in my fiber stash. I have spun up all of my "good stuff" and haven't had the funds to purchase more roving in a while. I think the next time I get a little spending money I'll have to get a new handdyed braid or two...

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Pumpkin said...

You should definitely treat yourself to a beautiful new batch of fiber. I really love how this skein turned out, you definitely haven't lost your touch! Keep up the lovely work!