Monday, August 27, 2012

FO and Little Arthur

I whipped up these Dandelion Daydreamer longies the other day. Quick crochet project using some of the new Patons my mother-in-law got me. The small size used a total of around 1 skein yardage-wise. I'll be making several more pairs of longies for this winter.

Currently on the needles are the Sunnyside for Arthur (I'm making very slow progress and it will definitely be finished before my deadline of Thanksgiving), another Sunnyside (girl version) in Stroll Tonal - Gypsy for the lady in Colorado, and Charlie's Heroclix bag.

Now, for my little love:

Just hanging out with Mommy the other day. The sunlight was coming in and look how red his hair is! It's brownish in darker light, but full on ginger in the sun. How is this baby part Korean and has auburn hair and blue eyes?! Those Knoll genes must be strong... his daddy has bright blue eyes and his granddaddy and one aunt has auburn hair.

This was tonight after eating his five helpings of rice cereal! He is such a little hungry hippo and it's so cute to see him eat with a spoon. He has definitely found his feet!

Giving his giraffe and hug and a lovebite!

The sweetest picture of Arthur sleeping; he's the cutest little thing.


lunaticraft said...

OMG that picture of him biting the giraffe is pretty much the cutest thing I've seen all month.

Nicky said...

He is one of the most adorable babies I've ever seen. OMG ... love those chunky baby legs!!!