Monday, August 20, 2012

New Stuff

 We had a really great day Saturday. My mother-in-law texted me Friday to see if Paton's Classic Wool Merino for 3.99 was a good deal (normally 6.99). I told her that it was and she said she wanted to treat me to some yarn and lunch the next day. And what a treat it was!

We met her at Joanne's and headed straight for the yarn section. She had picked out a few skeins for herself (she's a new knitter) and told me to get what I wanted. Now, that's a bit of a trick question... I always feel like I can't really get what I want because she is the one paying for it. Not so with her! I initially grabbed 5 balls of the Patons and was going to leave it at that. Nope. She started grabbing yarn left and right, asking if I wanted it. Well, of course I do. I left Joanne's with 17 balls of the Patons and 3 Lionbrand Fisherman's Wool. WOW!

Not a great pic of the (newly reorganized) yarn wardrobe, but you can see the LB in the top drawer on the left (it'll become a Cobblestone Pullover for my brother) and a bunch of Patons on the bottom and middle shelves. I have plenty of yarn for soakers/longies for Arthur and for a project Charlie wants me to make for him. (The rest of the stash: top shelf - bagged yarn, smaller lots of roving; middle shelf - lace, fingering, dk, and sport weight; bottom shelf - worsted and bulky yarn; top drawer - Knit Picks Palette stash; bottom drawer - cotton and cotton blends, some Berroco Comfort (acrylic))

After the epic yarn shopping spree at Joanne's, we had a great lunch at Red Lobster. Arthur had a great time flirting with the waitress and the lady at the next table.

Then, we went to get this:

I found this complete 10-gallon setup for 20.00 on craigslist. It was the tank, 4 large goldfish, rocks, decorations, filter, filter replacements, food, etc... a real steal!!! I jumped on it when I saw the ad because Arthur just adores fish (he'll literally sit there staring at them for 20 minutes if you let him). We put our Brain (the goldfish we got in Texas) in with them and they are getting along wonderfully. Arthur will stop fussing instantly if you hold him up to the tank!

Then it was visiting with more inlaws. A good day all around.

Charlie started school today! He enjoyed his class and, though he will never admit it, I think he's excited about it. He'll be getting his Associates this December. So proud of him!

I'll have a FO to show in the next post (I swear, I've been working on the same little part for 3 days now; just no time to really work on it!).

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