Friday, September 21, 2012

FO and WIP Pics

This is my latest FO. It's a Heroclix holder for Charlie to take to tournaments. Not perfect in any way, shape, or form, but it was kind of a quick little thing I was making up as I went along. Not bad for just winging it and I learned a lot for when I finally get the chance to make him a larger one. Just used Patons Classic Wool for this, all but a few yards of one skein. The pockets are felt that have been sewn on.

The two fru-fru scarves I have on the hook. Easy and actually kind of fun, though I don't see the appeal of wearing one of these. They go for 45.00 in the consignment shops here... definitely worth making a few to see how they fare at craft shows.

The so-close-to-being-an-FO-it's-ridiculous baby sweater, 3/4. Will be done tomorrow! I have a few hours to myself and I'm going to spend them doing hardcore crafting. Arthur will be at my FIL's house and Charlie is going to a Heroclix tournament. I should have about 5 hours to myself... something that hasn't happened since Arthur was born!

Tarn. Charlie and I filled a trash bag of t-shirts we don't wear anymore and I just couldn't let it get thrown out! I decided to try to make some tarn rugs and such (and, if I'm really ambitious, a tarn diaper bag). It's kind of rough on the hands to cut the shirts up, so I haven't made much of a dent in the bag of shirts.

We have been doing some major rearranging/cleaning in the house this week and I now have my own little crafty corner of the living room! It's a mess in this pic (haven't really organized everything yet and some of this stuff is actually Charlie's), but I have a table and drawers for all my stuff. (The bag under the table is what I have left to make into tarn)

And, of course, my sweet little handsome lovebug baby boy!

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