Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Knitting, Knitting Everywhere and Not an FO in Sight...

I have been meaning to post all this past week, but I've been very busy with school (just two online courses from the local community college for fun and mental stimulation) and just life as the wife and momma. Arthur is getting so grown up, but that means he's also taking a lot more of my time and attention. He's now mobile (scooting, not crawling... yet) and has his own ideas about things!

I have so many WIPs going on right now and so many that need to be started soon. I still haven't finished Arthur's cardi (so close, though!) and am nearly finished with the third baby sweater for the lady in Colorado. I also have two of those fru-fru frilly spiral scarves that are so popular right now on the hook (crocheting rather than knitting). I don't really like how they look, but they are quick and really really popular right now so I thought I'd whip a few up for my mom to take to craft shows this fall. Charlie's project has taken the back burner until I can finish up some deadline knits (like those baby sweaters), though I did crochet up a quick little thing he requested and just need to do finishing work on it.

I really need to finish that third baby sweater this week so that I can start on the fourth and final (thank God!) one. Deadline and required knitting just kind of take the fun out of it, ya know? Also to be knit are four sets of fingerless mitts for the same lady. It's nice to be getting paid for my knitting, but it's hard to still view it as fun and hobby rather than a job.

Along with those things, I also would like to knit my mom a pair of socks for Christmas (a tradition for us), Arthur a Gramps Cardigan, me some sort of cardi, my MIL a hat for Christmas (I'm thinking a Beaumont Beanie since it's pretty and she works for Beaumont Hospitals as an NP), and more things for craft shows. Busy busy busy and it doesn't seem like it's going to let up anytime soon, especially since my brother and his wife find out in 8 weeks if their baby is a boy or a girl and my brother has very high knitting expectations from me for his little one (not that I'm complaining... it's nice to be appreciated).

Other news...

Charlie and I are trying to make a medical mission trip to Guatemala work out for March. If we can afford it, we will be going for about 10 days, during which time Arthur would be staying with my parents in Georgia (a real treat for them!). Charlie's mom is a Nurse Practitioner, he's an LPN, I'm an Army medic... we could really do some good down there and it would be great for me to practice my Spanish. I took it all through highschool and college and even taught English to Mexicans in my freetime, but haven't gotten much practice since then... I'll be brushing up on my medical terminology for sure!

Red, our little orange and white kitty I found in a dumpster in San Antonio, is pregnant and due next month. It was a mistake, for sure. My SIL's cats came to visit and there was a misunderstanding on whether or not one of them was neutered (he wasn't) and, of course, Red went into heat the exact day Trey came to visit and now they will be proud kitty parents. I wasn't thrilled and still am not, but I can't help but be a little excited over kittens. They'll be so cute! If anyone in the metro Detroit area wants a free kitten in about 12 weeks, you know where to come, lol.

Ok, that's enough talk for having no real pics to show. I'll get some taken this week and show them off. I just feel like nothing is really accomplished on the knitting front, so don't have a whole lot to show. Instead, here are cute pics of baby boy from the weekend:

Arthur and Charlie when we went to the Hazel Park Raceway Saturday. They do the horse races where they pull the tiny carts (can't think of the real name for it right now).

Arthur at his first time at church Sunday. Isn't he just too cute for words?!

Arthur and Barrett yesterday. They are making the same face! He loves the dogs and just laughs and laughs at them all the time. Today, he laughed so hard he had to pause to catch his breath! Gideon was the butt of the joke, though, since it was Barrett jumping on him and making him yelp that got Arthur laughing so hard, lol.


Pumpkin said...

So many WIPs! I'm amazed at how much you can accomplish with a little one at home. Good luck with the mission, I really hope you can do it!

Chelle Key said...

You truly inspire me! I am a new knitter, learning the ins and outs right now, and to even think I can actually start and finish a project is still in the distant future. I've seen some of your work and they are amazing. I hope to reach that stature in my knitting someday. I wish you well on your mission trip and the projects that have deadlines.

SN: Your son is absolutely adorable.