Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mini Vacation

My inlaws took us on a trip up to the Upper Peninsula and Mackinac Island for the long weekend. Here are some pics...

Arthur, Charlie, and an elk.

Grandpa Kelley dipped Arthur's toes in Lake Michigan and he was not happy about it! So what if we torture our little baby... it's cute!

Painted Rock cruise... This is the Indian head rock formation.

Beautiful painted rocks. The colors are from mineral deposits in the ground water. Red is iron, white is calcium, green is copper, black is manganese.

Looking at the rocks.

A white oak out on this rock by itself. The shadows on the left are from the root system that crosses the gap and goes onto the mainland.

Arthur and Grandma Kelley enjoying the ferry ride to Mackinac Island.

Our horses for the carriage ride... Caramel and Perry.

View of the Mackinac Bridge from the island.

Loving the carriage ride with the grands.

Grand Hotel. It has the longest front porch in the world. Each of the 360-some rooms is decorated differently.

Arthur was sad that he had to say goodbye to Perry.
Fort Mackinac

Furs at the fort. Oh, how I would love to have this on my wall at home! I love furs and am slowly building my collection (I got a bobcat tail and a black fox face on this trip to add to the rabbit furs, deer hide, and lynx pelt I already have).

Family pic on the carriage ride. Arthur rode happily in his carrier the entire day. He's such a sweetie baby.

This wasn't on vacation, but was too cute to leave out. Arthur started petting Gideon all on his own this morning and I got a cute shot of it. Gideon has been having some major health issues lately and he won't be with us much longer, so I savor these sweet moments.

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