Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Show of Hands (4/4 Mitts)

Project: Stash has a KAL going for fingerless mitts and I joined in to get motivated to finish the last pair of mitts for the Lady in Colorado.

I used some of my handspun and the pattern is one that I test knitted earlier in the year, Pure Maine.

Now to finish up the last baby sweater and finally be able to knit what I want! I have the sleeves and buttonband/hem left to do (I'm toying with the idea of crocheting that part).

My first projects after finishing the commission knits will be a hat for me in Kathmandu Aran (a yummy tweedy cashmere blend) and a sweater for NaKniSweMo. I also really need to make a few more soakers for Arthur.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trip with FOs

Two aunts, an uncle, and 5 cousins invited us on a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, for the weekend and funded it. It was an amazing little vacation! We had a great time and it was so nice to see everyone and have them all meet Arthur for the first time. Above is Arthur (in his completed Sunnyside!) holding hands with my cousin's little girl, Megan. She was born May 20, so is about 5 weeks younger than Arthur. After this pic, she kicked him in the neck and made him cry, lol!

All bundled up in the handknits! It really wasn't cold enough for all that, but I think all parents tend to overdress their little ones. We did end up downgrading so that he wouldn't burn up! He's in his Sunnyside, a hat I knit before he was born, a pair of Sucky Thumb Mitts I made for the trip, and is covered in the chevron blankie I crocheted before he was born (before I even knew that he was a boy!).

We rode horses on Saturday (Arthur hung out with baby Megan and her mommy, Natalie, while we rode). This is a pic of Charlie and Arthur after we got back.

Daddy teaching his little boy how to skip rocks. That's my cousin's other daughter, Allie, to the left.

Family pic in the mountains!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kittens and Mittens!

Red had her babies yesterday night!

She's such a little dummy. I had set up a nice box for her and she has been laying in it for the past week, so we were sure that she would pick that spot to have her kittens. Yesterday was her due date. I was sitting at my desk on the computer (browsing Ravelry, what else?!) with a blanket over my legs because it was cold. Red lays down in the tent made by the blanket and I though about how nice it was because she was warming my feet. Then I feel odd movements from her... almost like contractions. Hmmm... a quick peek confirms my suspicions. That crazy cat was going to have babies on my feet! She literally went into labor with my toes getting toasty under her! I scrambled to get her box and she thankfully didn't move when I put her in it. She had three cutie kitties (shown in order of birth, left to right). The calico is female (of course) and the other two are both males. I am not surprised at the colors/genders as it is exactly what she should have produced genetically. I am going to try my hardest NOT to keep that gorgeous calico!

I finished the second pair of mitts for the lady in Colorado! I really like how the fabric turned out (fingering held doubled). I found a pair of unworn purple mitts I made a while ago that I will be sending as the third pair, so just need to make the last set and I'll be all finished up with the mitt order. I'm working on the last sweater. Cannot wait to be done with commission knits so that I can work on things that I need and want to make! I really have to make more soakers/longies and bibs for Arthur and Christmas knitting is looming over my head.

I am one sleeve away from being finished with Arthur's Sunnyside Cardigan that I started so long ago. I decided to go ahead and finish it up before really working too much on the final commission knits so that it can quit bugging me to be finished and so that he can wear it next weekend (my aunts are funding our trip to Gatlinburg, TN, to see them for a mini vacation!).

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Getting Things Made

I feel very productive lately... I finished sweater 3/4 the other day and have 2 more FOs completed as well...

This is mitt set 1/4, Fetching modified to be longer knit from Cascade 220. They are already on their way to Colorado. The other FO doesn't have a picture since I packed it up too quickly; I finished one of the fru-fru scarves and sent it to my mom to be sold this weekend at her craft show.

I promptly cast on for mitt set 2/4, shown in a mess in this pic. I'm holding some fingering weight yarn (JL Mira) doubled to get worsted weight. I'm knitting a cabled pattern for these ones. I will be casting on for sweater 4/4 tonight.

I've also been very productive in other crafty fronts. I have decided to try cloth wipes (though we still use disposables for traveling and the really bad ones). I cut up a flannel sheet and have them in my homemade wipes solution (2 cups water, 5 tbsp baby wash, 5 tbsp olive oil) in an empty wipes container. I should have used pinking shears or hemmed them, but don't have the shears or a working sewing machine so just straight cut for now.

The leftover cloth was cut up into reusable "paper" towels. This stack just makes me happy too look at.

I have been researching recipes for household items (Pinterest and the Survival/Homesteading group on facebook have been great!) and now have a collection of stuff to make. Above is my homemade shaving lotion (1 cup shampoo, 1 cup conditioner, 5 tbsp olive oil, 5 tbsp baby lotion). I plan on making our own toothpaste, dog shampoo, and stuff like that once I get the ingredients. For Christmas this year, I know the gals in the family will be getting bath salts and sugar and salt scrubs. We already plan on making wine for my inlaws as well.