Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Getting Things Made

I feel very productive lately... I finished sweater 3/4 the other day and have 2 more FOs completed as well...

This is mitt set 1/4, Fetching modified to be longer knit from Cascade 220. They are already on their way to Colorado. The other FO doesn't have a picture since I packed it up too quickly; I finished one of the fru-fru scarves and sent it to my mom to be sold this weekend at her craft show.

I promptly cast on for mitt set 2/4, shown in a mess in this pic. I'm holding some fingering weight yarn (JL Mira) doubled to get worsted weight. I'm knitting a cabled pattern for these ones. I will be casting on for sweater 4/4 tonight.

I've also been very productive in other crafty fronts. I have decided to try cloth wipes (though we still use disposables for traveling and the really bad ones). I cut up a flannel sheet and have them in my homemade wipes solution (2 cups water, 5 tbsp baby wash, 5 tbsp olive oil) in an empty wipes container. I should have used pinking shears or hemmed them, but don't have the shears or a working sewing machine so just straight cut for now.

The leftover cloth was cut up into reusable "paper" towels. This stack just makes me happy too look at.

I have been researching recipes for household items (Pinterest and the Survival/Homesteading group on facebook have been great!) and now have a collection of stuff to make. Above is my homemade shaving lotion (1 cup shampoo, 1 cup conditioner, 5 tbsp olive oil, 5 tbsp baby lotion). I plan on making our own toothpaste, dog shampoo, and stuff like that once I get the ingredients. For Christmas this year, I know the gals in the family will be getting bath salts and sugar and salt scrubs. We already plan on making wine for my inlaws as well.

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