Monday, November 5, 2012

4/4 Sweater... I'm Free!

Finally, I am free to knit what I want! I finished the fourth and last commissioned baby sweater yesterday.

The pattern is Helena and the yarn is Knit Picks Stroll in the Barn Door colorway. I had actually purchased 2 balls of Scarlet, but a fellow Raveler desperately needed them for a WIP, so I sent them to her and she sent me these two (I just needed red yarn, so exact colorway didn't matter). It's a discontinued color, so it was nice to be able to work with it before it went goodbye. The color is not true at all in this pic, but is good in the one below:

I have started on a hat for me and am about to swatch for a sweater as well.

We went to a farm recently and had a good time, despite it being painfully cold and we were totally under-dressed (I don't know what I was thinking!). That's actually an adult-sized hat he's wearing, one that grandma let him have for the day. He loved seeing the animals and laughed when Phinaeus the calf ate his blanket and mommy's hair!

My two handsome guys! Arthur was a monkey for his first Halloween. He was such a cutie! We went to Detroit to hand out candy at a friend's house and I took Arthur to the neighbor's house to get candy. He thought he was a real big shot going trick or treating in downtown Detroit, lol.

Arthur had surgery on the 1st and it was terrible. He wasn't circumcized at birth because the pediatrician wanted him checked out by a pediatric urologist first (they thought that there was a problem that might require corrective surgery). Everything checked out ok, but by then we had to wait until he was 6 months old to get it done. I will NEVER go make my baby go through something this again and if future sons can't have it done at birth, they will just have to wait and decide to do it themselves.

I was so nervous during surgery because my family has a genetic disorder that causes us to die under general anesthesia (malignant hyperthermia). They have to use special anesthesia and take special precautions whenever someone in my family has to go under. They reassured me that they flushed the machines for at least 2 hours and that they removed all the triggers from the operating room. They ended up giving him laughing gas, then IV anesthesia and a spinal block for pain management. He ended up doing just fine and came out ok. Isn't he the cutest thing ever in his little hospital gown?

This is him on the ride home after surgery... sleepy and in pain :(

The nurses gave him a bear and we named him Beau (the hospital we use is Beaumont). It's become his favorite stuffed animal. He (and we) had a very rough few days with dealing with how painful he was... it broke my heart. The first night he slept a hour or so, then would cry for just as long, then repeat until morning. He would cry and I would cry. Very upsetting and I felt like a terrible mother for making him go through this (I was kind of against the surgery since he was so old, but Charlie really wanted it done). I filled his codeine prescription first thing the next day (I initially just gave regular Tylenol because I don't like medicating if I can help it, but he really needed something stronger) and he has been much better since, getting better and more like himself each day.

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