Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Shame on everyone who voted for a socialist America, for a man that is working hard to remove opportunity in our country and making it quickly go the way of many European nations.

Shame on anyone who voted for Obama that has family members in the military... You just put many out of a job and, at the very least, made it an environment many do not want to be in any longer. There is a reason why China and similar countries supported an Obama win... A weakened military is a good thing for them!

Shame on you if you voted with your uterus, skin color, dislike for a rich man, or some other shallow reason. If you have a brain, you obviously didn't use it yesterday.

Shame on those who champion a man who uses government programs to create a dependent population, a man who has shown the American people that personal responsibility doesn't matter.

Shame on everyone who put Obama in office for another 4 years. I was hopeful that he would be a one-termer, but the American people seem to be too enchanted by an evil smooth-talking man, unable to see that he doesn't care about restoring America to what she once was and that his personal agenda is all that matters to him. I feel sick to my stomach with disgust and disappointment.
I am a conservative. I do not identify with the Republican party because many of them are compromising and care mostly for elections and not really about issues. I am heartbroken today. I did not really like Romney, but this election was so important; it was our chance to remove Obama and try to get America back on track. Now, we are just heading for an inevitable train wreck.

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