Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's That Time Again

Time to really start thinking about Christmas knitting. I probably should have done this sooner, but I really didn't have gift knitting ideas before, so thought I might skip out on it this year. Now I can think of a million things I need to knit in the next 21 days, so it's time to get serious.

I have a few non-Christmas gift knits I need to finish up asap so that I can start on the presents. My MIL asked for a baby hat for a friend's little girl, so I am working on that right now. Should get that finished up today, though.

Anyway, here is the annual gift knitting list (also listed are non-knitting gifts). We'll see how much I actually accomplish this year...

Charlie - Nothing handmade this year I'm afraid. He already got his main gift early (at his choosing); I got him a set of night vision goggle things.

Baby Arthur - His presents are all toys this year. He doesn't really have an appreciation for the handknits yet and has enough clothes to last for the next year. We made good use of the Black Friday toy sale at Walgreens.

Momma - I always give her Knit Picks sock yarn for Christmas, so she's getting 2 balls of Stroll in Barn Red. I usually make her a pair of socks as well, but I've lost my sock knitting mojo somewhere and can't seem to find it. I'm going to gift her the Ringwood Gloves I've been working on. I have one finished and the second started. I'm also making a salt-dough ornament with Arthur's handprint for their tree.

Daddy - We got him a Mohammed Ali Fathead wall decal for his man cave/gun room at a charity auction we went to. He's going to love it. We also have a t-shirt that says, "I wrestled a bear once" because he did (twice, actually). I'm making peanut butter treats for their dogs. Oh, and we are giving them Gideon as well. Not really a present for them, haha, but they agreed to take him for us since he's unhappy here with Barrett (she wants to play, he wants to relax) and Arthur is really allergic to him (just him though).

Brother Arthur - Not sure about him yet. His request was, "Make me something with Captain America on it." I'll have to think on that one a bit more.

Brooke (SIL) - Again, not sure yet.

Mom (MIL) - I really want to make her a felted tote this year. I have a really cool button that says "hope," which is her favorite word and the name of the counseling stuff she does with my step-FIL. I think a tote big enough for her work computer (she's a NP and gets a hospital laptop) with that button on it would be very nice. An Arthur ornament for them as well.

John (step-FIL) - Irish Hiking Hat from some acrylic my MIL picked out. I'm about a fourth of the way through it. Treats for their dogs.

Dad (FIL) - I'm thinking some knitting golf cozy things with expletive symbols (% # @ etc) on them from stash RHSS. Treats for their dogs.

Theresa (step-MIL) - An Arthur ornament and maybe some candles with crocheted cozy things. I've seen some really pretty ones made this way. I can't think of anything else that she would actually use that's in the budget.

Alicia, Ryan, Mila (SIL, BIL, Niece) - Not sure. I know Ryan is getting Heroclix (a game they play) and I'm making Crocodile Stitch Baby Booties from KP Felici Sport for Mila, but Alicia is a toughie. We do have a stuffed turtle (her favorite animal) that says funny things, but we need something else. Maybe I'll go with the candle idea for her as well. Treats for their dogs.

Erin (SIL) - Another toughie. She is probably leaving early next year for the Coast Guard and won't be able to take much with her. Maybe go with a gift card this year.

Michael (step-BIL) - We want to get him his first gun, a .22 rifle. He went to the range with us and really loved it. Not sure if we'll be able to make it happen (the darn thing called money), but we'll see.

Talia (step-SIL) - Last year she was big into loom knitting, so if she's still doing that I'll probably gift her some nice yarn (she's only used RHSS so far). We are taking her to the range as well since she really wants to shoot.

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