Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa, Knitting, and The Great Cat Purge

We took Arthur to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa and it was a blast! This was the most authentic Santa I've ever seen... he was perfectly old, perfectly plump, and had the more perfect beard, not too big, not too small, and snow white. He was so patient and kind, not just trying to get through all the kids, but rather was wanting them to have a great experience. Arthur wasn't afraid of him, but wasn't all smiles either. He was mostly just like, "Who is this man?!" Santa sang Jingle Bells to him the entire time so that he wouldn't be afraid.

My mother-in-law and step-father-in-law (though I consider him to be more of a FIL than my actual one) came and they surprised us with a package that gave us several prints in different sizes and a digital download (we were just going for the free 4x6 they give everyone).

Of course, you can't go to Bass Pro without checking everything out! Arthur was a bit clingy and scaredy after seeing Santa, but was a good sport about sitting on this Arthur-sized 4-wheeler! Charlie said that he's signalling a right turn here.

We ended the night with a celebration dinner at Rainforest Cafe (John, my sFIL, wanted to celebrate Arthur's first Santa experience). Arthur of course loved the fish, but was a bit nervous of the thunder storm every 30 minutes... lights flashing, animals making all sorts of noises, etc. He would just cling to Daddy and peek over his shoulder. He's not the type that just buries his face when he's afraid; he wants to be held tight, but wants to see what's going on. He liked watching the robot tigers, but from a distance. We ordered the volcano dessert and he absolutely loved the sparkler.

On to knitting...

I've been busy Christmas knitting! I finished these little Crocodile Stitch Booties (Baby Sizes) for my niece, Mila. I used KP Felici Fingering in the Peachy colorway (top picture shows true color). I loved this project and I love this yarn! It took me a few tries at first to get going on them, but it was because I was misreading the directions. They have an adult version that I can't wait to try out... my mom and MIL would go nuts for some in their sizes! It makes me wish that I had some KP Chroma Fingering and Worsted to use...

This is the finished Irish Hiking Hat for John (sFIL).

This is the beginning of a Knitted Lace Jewelry Frame for my SIL, Alicia. I'm using a random ball of KP Stroll (Duchess Heather) I have. This is a great project for using us scraps, leftovers, and single skeins of lace or fingering weight yarn. My other SIL, Brooke (brother's wife), will be getting one as well. I'm getting there on finishing up Christmas knitting... I would like to finish up these frames, then finish the second Ringwood Glove to give to my mom. My brother requested a knitted ski mask that looks like Captain America's helmet, but I don't have the yarn or the time to make it. Maybe it'll be a birthday gift instead. I ended up doing some comic book-style drawings of his hero and will frame them.

Now for the Great Cat Purge... we found homes for 3 cats in the last week and 1 more is going at Christmas! First we found a good home with my SIL's friend for the cream colored male kitten. Then I found a great home for Red, the momma cat... her new owner absolutely spoils her and takes her to Petsmart all the time. A much better home than ours, where she was fed, watered, and petted sometimes. Then the very next day I found a good home for the calico kitten. The last kitten, the orange male, is going to Georgia with us to be a Christmas surprise for Brooke's brother (their parents approved and picked him out of the litter). That means that we are down to 2 cats, our originals, Bams and Colt. It feels good to only have them and I think that they appreciate it because they have been so much more friendly and less mischevious than they were before.

We now have 2 dogs (Partner and Barrett), 2 cats (Colt and Bams), a fish tank, and then the rats (we have quite a few, but they are easy-care and we breed them). Gideon, my old man Dachshund/Chihuahua mix, has been living with my MIL and sFIL since Thanksgiving. We took him there so that my SIL could watch him while we were on our hunting trip and they liked him so much they wanted to keep him until we move to Georgia, after which he will live out the rest of his days at my parents' house. He wasn't happy at our house... Barrett bothers him too much and he can't be around Arthur because, for some reason, Arthur is only allergic to him (he gets welts and redness when he touches him).

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