Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Oh, Rats!

Literally, rats!

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a long time knows that I love rats. I had my beloved Squishy during college and was absolutely devastated when I had to put him down in nearly 4 years ago. I have had many others since then, but none have even come close to filling the void that Squishy's death left me with.

I was ratless for a few months this year, then got Splinter at the end of summer. He's a great little guy, very sweet and oh-so-cute. I love him to pieces. He's no Squishy, but he's my little buddy.

He happily modeled the Santa hat I made for him (Arthur and his rabbit, Bubba, got matching ones) in our Christmas tree.

Splinter has been an only-rat since I got him, which isn't ideal. Rats are very social and do best in groups. I had been putting off getting him a buddy, then finally reserved a little blazed Siamese boy from a breeder friend. I will be picking him up next month (along with my English Angora bunny! Will post on that later!). I chose the blazed because it reminded me of my Squishy.

Then I went to Petco today for more bunny litter and had to stop to look at the critters. I saw this and it had to come home with me...

It's (almost) the spitting image of Squishy!

He's a little buck, 8-10 weeks old. I just couldn't leave him behind. Look at how much he looks like old Squish:

Squishy was much older (and dirtier, he needed a bath!) in this pic, but aren't they almost identical?! The only real difference between them is that the new boy has a few splashes of black on his back (Squishy was bareback and had no other markings) and his blaze doesn't go all the way back like Squishy's did.

I think I'll call him Junior.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

We had a lovely Christmas. It was the first year ever that I actually finished all my gift knitting (culling 2 or 3 things from the initial list, but it wasn't because of a lack or time or anything) and it was Arthur's first meaningful one. He had a blast opening presents (though thought that he had to throw away each piece of wrapping paper before opening more the present) and was so spoiled. Charlie and I also got some fantastic presents, including a Kindle Fire HD for me and a ham radio set for him. Arthur's big presents included a new 4-wheeler, a tool work bench, and a bike.

I also got a new (to me) camera! My dad gave me his old DSLR and I am so excited and happy to have something better than a cheap prepaid camera phone to use now. I've already been having lots of fun with it. I'm not a photographer by any means, but can still appreciate the quality!

Here are some of my favorite shots with it so far:

You can see in some of the pics that Arthur is wearing mittens. He went out in the snow a few times with bare hands and it ended in him crying because his hands hurt and because he didn't want to go inside yet to warm them up! Snow is fun, but painful! I used the Sucky Thumb Mitts pattern and heavily modified it to fit his hands better and to make them into full mittens. He absolutely loves them and wears them in the house all the time (he also does this with his hats).

Now that Christmas is over, I can start working on some fun knitting. I need to finish up a baby sweater and hat set for Mikah (my mom requested this), but then I will be working on boot socks (I stocked up on Stroll Sport during KP's Big Sale this year since it is being DQ'd), TARDIS Mittens, Amy's Scarf (as in, Amelia Pond... I have recently become a Whovian), and a few other fun things. I need to start thinking about new year's knitting resolutions, as well as my Ravelympics entries (I don't care what those stinkies over on the Olympics committees say, I will call it the Ravelympics instead of Ravellenics if I so choose!).

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Almost There

I have just a few more things to make as gifts then I am D.O.N.E.

I'm quite proud of myself this year! I finished everything that I wanted, minus a pair of mitts for my BIL. They just weren't working out and I got tired of stressing about them, so we are just going to buy his gift this year.

I still need to work on my MIL's final embroidery hoop (she's getting a 4-part hoop hanging) and finish it up before Saturday, then make Ninja Turtle coasters for my other BIL, a quilted ball for my niece, and finish Arthur's quilted ball. Not too much work, mostly just sewing up that I can do in front of the tv each night.

In other news, Arthur had tubes put in his ears this morning and it went well, though I am not happy with how the anesthesiology team handled things. Malignant Hyperthermia, a very rare and very deadly anesthesia disorder, runs in my family and we cannot have general anesthesia. It's not really a hassle, they just have to remove the triggers from the OR and prep area and use something different (usually ketamine). The nurse anesthetist said, "Are you kidding?!" and sighed really loudly when he was informed that they cannot use the general anesthesia. Rude. Then the anesthesiologist got mad Arthur started crying when she held him down and put the constricting band on his arm to get IV access. Um, he's only 1 and was absolutely terrified of what was going on! Geez! Then she got frustrated that she couldn't get access and slammed her hand down on the bed, scaring him even more. Finally she decided to just get access after he was given nitrous, but didn't tell me that and literally snatched my poor baby off the bed and ran off with him. I had no clue where they were going and Arthur was so scared and screamed and was reaching out for me. Who does that? Arthur had surgery last year at our regular hospital (we had to use a different on this time because the ENT that took our insurance wasn't with our trusted Beaumont Hospital) and they were very kind, gentle, and informative. His surgery then was much more invasive and painful, yet he was much calmer and more ok with things because of how the doctors and nurses behaved. They also told me when they were taking him to the OR so that we could give him a hug goodbye. This other hospital was horrible and Arthur freaked out much more than he would've if the staff would've been nicer about things.

Hopefully we won't have to go back to the ENT beyond his post-op checkup in 2 weeks. He is doing ok now and is acting like nothing even happened, running around and playing and causing trouble like always! I am still treating him like a little prince because I feel sorry for my poor baby boy, though I do think that he's caught on and is milking it for all it's worth ;)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Oh, Hi

I know I mentioned in my last posts that I would be a better blogger. I really will be, I promise. I just got caught up in our weekend in Gatlinburg (amazing fun with family!), Arthur going to speech school once a week (he is improving and is speaking/attempting to speak more!), knitting orders from my facebook page, and making Christmas gifts. I am still working hard on the presents, but am at a place now that I can finally just take a breath for a moment.

I can't possibly go over everything in detail, so here are pictures to kind of show what I've been up to: