Friday, January 25, 2013

Bearded Baby

I whipped up two Bobble Beard Beanies, one yesterday and one this morning. They are adorable! I made a beard hat (different pattern) for my brother Arthur for Christmas 2011 and when I came across a baby pattern.... well, it just had to be made. Baby Arthur is wearing a toddler beanie and small beard. The brown is leftover Knit Picks Cotlin (Bison) and the green is a random ball of Cascade 220 that I had. I really like the hat, so I tied the beard in so we could use it as a regular beanie for him.

This is the other one, made for Mikah. The brown is the Cotlin and the red is WotA in Hollyberry (leftover from the Nathan vest). This one is an extra small beard and a baby beanie. So cute! The beard is sewn in.

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Pumpkin said...

How darling! Your crochet stitches are so even, I'm in awe.