Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas in Michigan

Christmas at my MIL's house was the 23rd. Arthur's big gift from them was his Cars car! He loves it and will ride around for as long as you will push him. He also walks behind it.
His total loot from Grandma and Grandpa Kelley... Cars car, Nuk pacifiers, formula, small toys in his stocking, boogie wipes, snacks, a new sippy cup, and some clothes.
Charlie and I got some stocking stuffers like gift cards, socks, and then we got our big gift of cash for our trip to Georgia.
Christmas at my FIL's house was the 24th. I didn't get any pics of the presents other than Charlie and my's new bikes! We took them for a ride around the block and it was fun, though freezing cold!
Arthur got a tunnel to crawl through, snacks, a bunch of toys, and some soft blocks that have the letters of his name on them (my step MIL made them).
Charlie and I got our bikes, gift cards, and stocking stuffers.
We left that night for Georgia, which is a post all on its own, coming soon!

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