Friday, January 18, 2013

Good Mail Day

Charlie and I both got a package today and there were no bills in the mailbox, so it was a good mail day. His was some new reloading stuff (we reload ammo) and mine was from Knit Picks.

Of course, my little helper assisted in opening the box and going through the contents, as well as helped with taking pictures (if by "helped" I mean grabbing all the yarn and throwing it while I attempted to get a decent pic of all of it together):

* 4 Felici Sport, Boutique - baby knit and maybe a monster
* 2 Felici Sport, Too Cool - ditto
* 2 Felici Sport, Sunny Day - to go along with the 2 that I bought a few months ago, same dyelot and everything!
* 2 Felici Sport, Macaroon - much prettier than I thought that it would be; probably going to be monsters or something
* 5 Felici Sport, Recess - Sweater for Arthur (Bert and Ernie style! Love it!) and the rest for me!
* 7 Shine Sport, Platinum - the torso part of the Cap Sleeve Lattice Top
* 4 Shine Sport, Dandelion - the top part, to go with the Platinum
* 7 Comfy Fingering, Lilac - either Raiun or Featherweight Cardigan
* 2 packs of 12mm safety eyes
* 1 pack of 8mm safety eyes
* Rebecca Danger's The Big Book of Knitted Monsters
As you can see, I want to make monsters! I always thought that they were cute, but kind of useless. However, I want to make a few to see what they are all about (plus, they are the perfect project for using up scraps and self-striping yarn).

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