Saturday, January 5, 2013


I have to find my camera to do the Georgia post, so until then, I'll post a (very) little knitting...

This is another DRIPS hat in Kathmandu Aran, but this time with no colorwork. Charlie took the first one to his work's White Elephant and it was a big hit. One of his coworkers asked if I could make her one, so I did.
This is the beginnings of a swatch for Nathan in KP WotA (Hollyberry). Misu, one of my cousins in Korea, requested a vest for her husband to wear to work (he's a teacher). She wanted it in a wine color and sent dimensions of a vest that he already has. She wants some sort of pattern on the front, so I'm going to have to see what I can do. I am thinking of doing the pattern from from Hermione's Everyday Socks since it's simple and looks nice.
I'm pretty much going to be focusing soley on the vest until it's finished. My mom wants to be able to send it by the end of the month, so I had better remain faithful to it since my knitting time is limited nowadays. After this is complete, I'll be working on knits for baby Mikah, my brother's baby boy due to arrive early April. The shower is early March and I want to be able to send a few things down... some booties, a blanket, a hat, maybe a sweater, etc.
Coming soon are the Georgia post and a resolutions/knitting goals post!

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