Saturday, January 26, 2013

Korean Cousin Vest

Nathan, the completed vest! It turned out great. I knit it to the pattern, other than adding the texture stitch from Hermione's Everyday Socks to the front. I really liked the pattern and I love the ribbing detail on the sides (not shown). It seems that a lot of people found the arm and neck holes too small, but I didn't have a problem. The neck may be just a tad tight, but it is easily slipped over the head and my cousin wanted a shallow neckline anyway.
Charlie is modelling and it actually fits him well. That should be a bit concerning since he's at least a foot taller than the intended recipient, but my cousin sent the measurements and apparently likes his vests a bit on the longer side (the vest is actually shorter than what he sent).

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Pumpkin said...

It looks great on him! It is really difficult to knit attractive clothes for men, well done!